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  1. =[ I want a forcefield. Finally noticing how rare monazite is.
  2. I noticed upon the upon the update of Voltz to 1.1.3 that blastcraft, and all that was in it, is gone! Is this a permanent change, or only temporary? If so how long do we have before that mod is added back in again? I'm on a raiding server and I'm desperately afraid of a missile paying me a visit. T.T
  3. Freaking Cheesebood and hedgeguy pulled a traitor move. Griefed my base but they didn't take my supplies =P. I wanna rebuild and then go get em!
  4. when will it be up =( I'm so amped to get to building again.
  5. Do you have the brand new launcher? I noticed it makes a new folder so you cant use the old launcher tab anymore.
  6. And also can you allocate more memory to the server so we don't get so much lag, or is that impossible?
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