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  1. First off, That was the latest version available when the modpack was put together. Also, the latest versions are being reworked and are even more broken than the .208 version anyways. (Trust me, I tried the latest versions, ended up erasing all of my chat prefixes/suffixes)
  2. For those of you looking for a version of the Enjin minecraft plugin that works with forge: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/35110620/tekkitlite/EnjinMinecraftPlugin.jar Make sure to disable auto updates! This goes in the plugin folder.
  3. Server is still down due to the sustained DDOS attack. We're thinking it took down the entire server and it needs to be reset. I do know who did the ddos, but I'm not giving out the server/user name, as I've already notified the proper authorities and I am pursuing him to make sure he doesn't do this again. The stupid reason for the attack is because I "took" one of his players away from him when I had never even heard of his server before, nor had I any intention of stealing players from him. The internet is a big enough place for two tekkit lite servers to exist side by side without needs of
  4. It's back up now. I've put on rtoolkit to hopefully restart the server when it goes down... we'll see how it works.
  5. Thanks for the enlightenment. I've been working with yaml way too long. As far as putting individual players into a group? I don't know of any commands in the plugin at the moment that will do that for you. It has to be manual. *groans*
  6. My entire files look very similar to what's posted above. But sure, I'll add them to the first post.
  7. Hello everyone, If you're like the majority of the server owners out there you've got this brand new Tekkit Lite server and no one can place blocks or open chests! What's worse, just about any wrong edit to the files goes silently unnoticed until someone is screaming "I can't place anything!" So, without further ado, here's how to properly format your permissions files so that they work. Well, not just work, but have the cool prefixes, colors and custom groups you may have seen on the rare server that got them to work (like mine). All permissions files are generated on first run of the se
  8. Rockfish3, why were you banned? fancyfiddle, If I made the server bigger, it would start lagging bad. I need to get some donations in before I make the server bigger.
  9. First off, thanks Sean_McCarthyism for getting this thread started for me. I was extremely busy yesterday. Second, since I can't edit OP, I'll post the rules here: 1. No griefing spawn 2. No spawn killing players 3. No asking for Op, rank, or items 4. Watch your language! We are a family friendly server!
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