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  1. Great Server, Have played on it since the first day and have no regrets. The Staff have been good to me, they seem to have this server hosting thing down over at bluestone.
  2. Fantastic Server! It runs really well. Besides the actual server being great hardware wise, the staff on the server has been really active to work around the glitch's of the new modpack!
  3. Whenever I start to play I log into sp or mp I get an instant crash, 11 03:12:51 [CLIENT] [WARNING] TextureManager.createTexture called for file mods/tinker/textures/blocks/crops/_fast.png, but that file does not exist. Ignoring. 2013-08-11 03:12:51 [CLIENT] [WARNING] TextureManager.createTexture called for file textures/blocks/enderchest.png, but that file does not exist. Ignoring. 2013-08-11 03:12:51 [CLIENT] [WARNING] TextureManager.createTexture called for file textures/blocks/minechem.blockSynthesis.png, but that file does not exist. Ignoring. 2013-08-11 03:12:51 [CLIENT] [WARNING
  4. If there is ever a crash, we throw a white list up for like 5 minutes to solve the issue.
  5. Also were ME Systems fixed? My server was crashed when someone put a storage unit into the drive which holds them.
  6. From a server owners point of view, a big problem I found was in 1.3.5 Peoples armor was constantly being duplicated into the extra slots for galacticraft, was this fixed in 1.3.9?
  7. Updated to 1.3.5 and switched to Factions/PvP from PvE due to the new modpacks PvE is now unfavorable
  8. Suffering only a small downtime today, a host issue that will be solved soon.
  9. Epime Big Dig! New Dedicated server Server IP: bigdig.epime-craft.com Website: Epime-Craft.com Major plugins include Factions, Economy, and Mob Arena -We are an established Big Dig Server now bringing you the full PvP Experiance That is right We Are a factions Server, THE REAL DEAL. There is raiding and greifing. -We have an active and friendly staff willing to help, If you have any suggestions feel free to drop them on our website or send us a message in game. -The Server is owned by me ~Sean and DarkKlotz Disabled Dimensional Doors Mystcraft Banned Items Chunk Lo
  10. I think the nether ores mod would be a good edition to the pack since it is all about getting lots of ore!
  11. Thanks for the input Komm, I am starting to consider this idea since I do not wan't players to be lost.
  12. Fancy and cheated quantum armor? NO You simply have no clue how to play tekkit, This is a PvP server to start meaning that people are playing on the server because they want to kill other players for personal enjoyment at the risk of their own death. I have played on this server for 18 days since the very first day it was created and you do not think I made quantum armor. Also a good 30 minutes to an hour of mining gets you to level 30 making enchantments easy to get. The Problem with kids such as yourself is that you see a person who's name is tagged admin and no matter how long they have pla
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