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  1. I like how you had to make up quotes to make yourself sound more reasonable. Nobody's saying "Everyone should just use EE2 because it's what I like and you're all wrong." What people are actually saying is "I like EE2, I understand that other's don't, why not allow for both options so everyone's happy?"
  2. Who is saying that? All I see here is people arguing in favor of choice. I want EE for my OWN fun, yes, and I would not try to have my OWN fun on someone else's server. I would do it on my own server.
  3. So have it disabled by default, or avoid servers that use it, but speaking hypothetically there's no reason to eliminate it entirely even for people who want to opt in to it. I understand that EE2 hasn't been updated past 1.2.5 anyway, so that's another issue. I run a very small server for a handful of friends who I trust not to abuse the power. I'd love to move to Tekkit Lite, but for the moment a large part of the way we play the game simply isn't there. Technical issues aside, that's a problem. If it was disabled by default and I could go in as an admin and say "Allow Condensers," it would be fine.** Mods like this are about enabling more to be possible, not less. Who are you to dictate what should and shouldn't be possible on my server? **I understand that, at this moment, condensers are unavailable because EE2 isn't updated and EE3 doesn't have any functional equivalent. This is more of a hypothetical argument about whether condensers should be gone entirely.
  4. Disappointing, but I suppose I understand if the EE guys simply don't have a version of EE2 for 1.4.x. As for Condensers being For me they eliminated a lot of the tedium and let me play the way I enjoyed. Nobody's forcing you to use them if it's not the way you want to play.