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  1. Thanks :-) Gonna try it out tomorrow! Going scuba diving :-D
  2. How do you use a scuba helmet to diving? I presume that is the point with it... I made it and no effect in water...
  3. How have you made the setup, when using the saw? With me it uses up a saw per item it makes :-P Also, when I do it manually :-P
  4. I did discover today, that if I just made it manually in an autocrafting table, then the handsaw was also consumed in the process :-P ANNOYING!!!!
  5. How can I make stone slabs with logistics crafting pipes without loosing a handsaw for each pair of slabs I make :-P I have tried to use satellite pipes - but I keep loosing a handsaw every freaking time :-P
  6. Dont worry it is not another outcry for why they have removed the energy condenser ;-) I would just like to hear if there is another possibility to exploit the items, which i have enough of? I just feel it is a shame to stop farming or burn e.g. cobblestone in lava - is there at way to transform items to something usefull?
  7. Is there anyone, who can tell me: - How can I make it, so a chosen chest is always filled up with a chosen type of items - And not only 9 slots in the chest... - How can I make it, so that only some of the coal goes to the macerator and the rest to the chest?
  8. Thx a lot for your help :-) Now I got power again! It is not easy to live without it :-P So thx again :-) Btw the cables is not necessary :-)
  9. How can I in tekkit lite teleport power to another place? I have some troubles doing it, since energylink doesnt exists anymore. How do I teleport power from a MV solar array to be received in a MFE another place? Can you tell me the setup of it - from solar panel to the receiving MFE, pretty plz ?
  10. I get exactly the same errors and I have a complex sorting system too. The errors I get - and they come, when I log in, not immediately after the server has been started: "2013-01-08 20:21:41 [WARNING] [iC2] API ERROR: [email protected]7 didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true. 2013-01-08 20:21:42 [WARNING] [buildcraft] Detected pipe with unknown key (-1).Did you remove a buildcraft addon?"
  11. Thx for the help, I have gotten :-) I have found some more Block ID, which I had to change in my world: 194:1 -> 4092:1 194:5 -> 4092:5 181:1 -> 2491:1 1258 -> 5574 1257 -> 5581 And i think these needs to be changes to (hasnt been tested yet): 4301 -> 4289 4300 -> 4288 And now to my new questions ;-P Most of my pipes have gone invisible, but is still there. It is transport pipes like iron, diamond, gold, stone, wood and copplestone and some more :-P Do anyone have an explanation for that? The block Ids havent changed and I can see, they still exists... So I got no clue :-P
  12. It which sequence, should I use midas on my savegame? Should i use midas on the savegame, while it is still under tekkit classic and then copy the files over to the tekkit lite server? Or in which sequences should I do the update? I have tried a number of times now :-P The best result was that part of the current map worked fine - but more than half of my castle got lost in new landscape :-P
  13. Whats is the patchfile for - how do I use it? Sorry but it is my first on modding/updating a server...
  14. How can I change block IDs, so I can use my old world in tekkit lite? I have never tried it before.... So how do you do it? Do I need a tool to do it? Which files to I need to change? Does there exist a guide on how to do it?