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  1. HEY HEY ADMIN.... YOU DIDNT READ WHAT I WROTE... I SAID FYI and to shut you up... not SHUT UP
  2. Everyone recently from the list above to now has been added since this date time stamp. ALSO follow my vieos as we adventure on youtube REMEMBER this is a plugin clean server no extra add-ons currently... Keeping it real yo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pshTWyQwzpY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUkeiVdNtpQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lbYj_vO9HQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0dSNN74w_s
  3. IF YOU HAVING TROUBLES CONNECTING or just want to speak with me you can find me here on ventrilo ip: port:3833 pass:pirate13
  4. All have been added and the ones who applied on the website... remember the port is 25564... i'm noticing folks trying to log into the big dig server which is 25565
  5. You clearly didn't read a thing i wrote or undestood it. And FYI to shut you up... same server remapped the world and no lag issues at all.... Mind you same server... cleary something is happening with the creatures or dungeons cause now lag is MIA permently sense I did a new map
  6. I've been racking my head around this issues for 18 hours now... i've torn threw the files and been watching files logs...(I run a clean server nothing but the mod pack) something in this mod pack just hates life. I'm watching my server sit a 97% free resources and yet 3 ppl only online and they are moving like snails and the mobs are stationry. Block mining is horrible. Ok I reboot the server and poof its doing GREAT no problems then slowly the lag comes back over a 10-20 minute time frame. Things i've done giving more and less stats to chunk load(someone have a good understanding of t
  7. I've added everyone on these posts as of right now so give it 10 minutes and it'll be back up
  8. Alright I got something things tweaked and dropped view distance(i hate doing this but still) down to min-3 and i'll let a few unto the server to enjoy but nothing higher then 10ish at the moment to get things stablized. and before i see butters post here... i dont need a server I own/host my own servers but if you want to tech talk thats fine :)
  9. OK, sadly until another version comes out it I cannot add anyone else to the hexxit server But my Big Dig server I have plenty of room. Hexxit eats so much resources and you'd be lagging so much... it's the mod pack itself currently that needs tweaking. I went thru this with voltz. Once a few things are patched out I'll start adding people but until then you'll have to find servers that are removing a good 4-5 mods. Read APOC post you'll see me agreeing with him. I hate removing mods so until things get better I cant add anyone unto the server. (lets see how fast they work)
  10. Here, Here... I hate having to remove mods and enjoy playing original but even with 3 ppl on the server running this pack full i have to reboot the server ever 10 minutes to kill the lag it generates. I have a host of folks wanted to get on to the server but whats the point if i have to remove a metric ton or the parts. I wanted to start doing video for this mod pack with a small group but it seems this is best as a solo map almost.
  11. Voltz had a lot of these issues int he beginning, it's the mods talking to each other bogging the server down along with bugs and other things. It'll be awhile till the issues work themselves out in updates. Only thing you can do is over compensate for the issues by giving more resources to it and little player views and all the normal tricks.
  12. Welcome to ENDERWORLD hexxit server enderworld.enjin.com the server is 32 gig ram with a 3.2 six core running it on a deticated static ip address Only lag is what you create All are welcome to apply to the server ... We are white-listed and are building an economy based driven server. Nothing but vanilla Hexxit is added. We Believe there is plenty enough in the modpack to get you places. go to the server address and send a message to themalkav to apply for the white-list things that ban you are intentional griefing without cause to rhyme being a complete
  13. IC2---foresty mekanism buildcraft has all its items Redpower---crap(cant ever update fast nuff these days) basalt/marble replaced and thats all i needed from this mode Mystcraft(wish it stayed gone) what else was removed of even worth???
  14. In the video i talk about how you can handle a crash error thats happening with Atomic Science & ICBM Currently right after the server tries to load the spawn it'll crash and remain kinda loaded and not give a crash report and hang up on you This is the fix i found worked for me and hopefully it'll help you until it's fixed... Personally i dont see why Big Dig has ICBM i think it needs more things like Mo'Creatures and Idustrail/Economy PvE type things but this is my opinion...
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