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  1. OFFLINE for updates. Server IP: Working on updates currently. Server rules No spamming No griefing No foul language No hacked client Any mods removed/disabled from the base Tekkit Lite Pack Mystcraft removed. A list of all banned items that are from mods not listed as disabled. Not a picture, a list. Please note: These are banned items, not restricted. Nuke TNT Nucular Reactor All major plugins on your server Essentials A small section describing the server, even if it's just "I was tired of playing alone, so I put this up, come join me. Come join me. There is not much to the server. The expected uptime of the server, 24/7, only Tuesdays, whatever 24/7 A little bit about the community that is currently playing, or the kind of player you want in your server Server is brand new.
  2. Name: Stewart IGN: Aortal Age: 22 Reason: Looking to join and be part of an epic build team.
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