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  1. Hi i have figured out the problem with your server if you already know how to fix it then im sorry i have bothered you. but if you don't know how to fix it or just didn't have the time to fix it please contact me at [email protected] or type that in skype and get a hold of me through that way. Thanks.

  2. Server IP: Rules: 1. No Griefing. 2. Cursing is allowed. Just dont spam it. 3. Buildings must look nice. No dirt houses or 1x1 towers of cobblestone to the sky. 4. Try to keep deforestation contained. If you take down a tree, replant it. 5. Keep the world looking nice. Plugins: Vault, Towny, McMMO, Iconomy, MoneyDrop, Essentials. 24/7 Expected uptime. With auto restarts. I hope for a community that likes to work together. Go adventuring and build together. Friendly helpful community. This a new server, so spawn is pretty small right now. If want to help build it, just ask. Come join and have fun!
  3. Age: 22 IGN: Dasachi Why Do You Want To Play On This Server? Ill be honest, i hate PvP. And most servers are either PvP centric, or have some form of PvP that you cant ignore. I like to build stuff and not have it blown up. I also like to build without having to worry about other players killing. I already have to worry about creepers, lol. What Do You Want To Build? Anything that comes to mind really. But me and a friend want to join and build an underground sort of Dwarven city. Sort of like Farthen Dur in the book Eragon. Like super huge and with a giant wall that opens up lol.
  4. Im building a modpack. I installed Forestry to check it out, but realized i dont like it. Now my modpack wont load because it says it cant find Forestry. Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this before. Its really annoying. Right now my only solutions are to just add Forestry back in. But I wont because i dont like it. Or to delete everything and reset my modpack up, which i also wont do because it takes too long.
  5. congradulations! you have made meh top server :3

  6. Yeah i tried it out. Dang 8th place. My modpack is the 2nd one on the 4th page. At least its kind of up there.
  7. All these modpacks are all about technology. Where are the outside of the box modpacks? Seriously guys. There are way more mods than just IC2 and Buildcraft.
  8. Okay so ive set up my modpack just like you are supposed to. At least i think. I uploaded the pack and put the link in the launcher. In my pack is my mods, coremods, bin, and config folders. All the ones. Except when i login and download the pack. It seems that only the bin is being downloaded. There are no mods, coremods, or config files being put in. Almost as if its skipping right over them. So this is like a plea for help i guess. I have no clue what to do.
  9. Hey, just seen your email in my junk folder, I had thought you closed down your server.

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      Darren Jones

      Its up now. Make sure you have the new launcher and what not. Then go here and copy that link and paste it into the new launcher. http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/zodiaccraft
    3. AnderRoo


      Sorry I've been gone for a few days, had exams, whens the next time you'll be on?
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      Apparently I can't talk.
  10. Seems to be, i downloaded a few modpacks and they worked fine, except for one that added 200+ mods lol. Havent been able to test the one i made myself, because registration is down. But it looks to be fixed with this.
  11. Try manually installing forge mod loader Make sure you are using 1.4.7 and not 1.5
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