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  1. Server IP: Rules: 1. No Griefing. 2. Cursing is allowed. Just dont spam it. 3. Buildings must look nice. No dirt houses or 1x1 towers of cobblestone to the sky. 4. Try to keep deforestation contained. If you take down a tree, replant it. 5. Keep the world looking nice. Plugins: Vault, Towny, McMMO, Iconomy, MoneyDrop, Essentials. 24/7 Expected uptime. With auto restarts. I hope for a community that likes to work together. Go adventuring and build together. Friendly helpful community. This a new server, so spawn is pretty small right now. If want to help build it, just ask. Come join and have fun!
  2. Age: 22 IGN: Dasachi Why Do You Want To Play On This Server? Ill be honest, i hate PvP. And most servers are either PvP centric, or have some form of PvP that you cant ignore. I like to build stuff and not have it blown up. I also like to build without having to worry about other players killing. I already have to worry about creepers, lol. What Do You Want To Build? Anything that comes to mind really. But me and a friend want to join and build an underground sort of Dwarven city. Sort of like Farthen Dur in the book Eragon. Like super huge and with a giant wall that opens up lol.
  3. Im building a modpack. I installed Forestry to check it out, but realized i dont like it. Now my modpack wont load because it says it cant find Forestry. Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this before. Its really annoying. Right now my only solutions are to just add Forestry back in. But I wont because i dont like it. Or to delete everything and reset my modpack up, which i also wont do because it takes too long.
  4. Yeah i tried it out. Dang 8th place. My modpack is the 2nd one on the 4th page. At least its kind of up there.
  5. All these modpacks are all about technology. Where are the outside of the box modpacks? Seriously guys. There are way more mods than just IC2 and Buildcraft.
  6. Okay so ive set up my modpack just like you are supposed to. At least i think. I uploaded the pack and put the link in the launcher. In my pack is my mods, coremods, bin, and config folders. All the ones. Except when i login and download the pack. It seems that only the bin is being downloaded. There are no mods, coremods, or config files being put in. Almost as if its skipping right over them. So this is like a plea for help i guess. I have no clue what to do.
  7. Seems to be, i downloaded a few modpacks and they worked fine, except for one that added 200+ mods lol. Havent been able to test the one i made myself, because registration is down. But it looks to be fixed with this.
  8. Try manually installing forge mod loader Make sure you are using 1.4.7 and not 1.5
  9. Pack has been updated. Some mods taken out, as they do not work. Metallurgy has been added.
  10. i did right click the download sign. I dont know why its giving the actual page.
  11. Im looking at the server log files. When you are trying to login in, it shows your username and says you dont have FML installed.
  12. It says you dont have forge mod loader installed. Make sure when you copy and paste the stuff inside the pack, that you dont do any of the downloading stuff with the launcher. Just start the launcher, select the custom one you used. Then login. Dont update or anything. The customs dont have forge mod loader in them. But the minecraft.jar is in the modpack. In the bin folder.
  13. No Griefing. First offense is a temp ban. Second is permanent. Cursing is allowed. Just dont spam it. Build responsibly and logically. That means finish what you start and no dirt square house in the middle of a desert. Platform Link Here: ZodiacCraft Mods Millenaire Reis Minimap Balkons Weaponmod WorldStateCheckpoints BetterStorage ExtendedWorkbench AsgardShield Chainz Backpacks CastleDefenders ChestTransporter CreepersNocreeping Custommobspawner MobSpawnControls Highlands Immibiscore Matmos PamsSimpleRecipes Thaumcraft Usefool Food Metallurgy, Mo Creatures Bibliocraft. We are a pro building survival server. That means, we like players who like to build. Like us. We enjoy partaking in large serverwide projects. Its a new server and a new map. So we dont have much. Come join and help build the world! 24/7. With unexpected downtime, sometimes. Mainly due to the fact that im not around 24/7 to manage it. We dont have many players currently. But hope to change that. Currently we are not whitelisted. But that can be arranged if too much griefing goes on. Our server does use millenaire mod. Which is one of the main focuses. Another main focus mod is CastleDefenders. It allows you to place defenses and make mobs spawn and attack your "castle". Its pretty fun. For the rest of the mods. They are mainly enhancers. So the aim of this modpack isnt really to change how minecraft plays. Just to enhance it. UPDATE: Pack is on The Platform now. Make sure you are using the new technic launcher! Heres a small video i put together showing how to install. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LfVegOnKcM UPDATE 2: We have recently added plugins. Current plugins: Factions, McMMO, TreeAssist, Imonies.
  14. Server will be going down every now and then while i test mods. while i configure and install the new mods. Should be fully up tomorrow. With most of the mods. I hope. The modpack that will be used can be downloaded her. Just put that link into the mod options. OR you can manually download it and put those folders in the custom1 folder under techniclauncher. In appdata.
  15. Yep figured that out a while ago. Thanks though. Im sure it will help alot of people. Nice simple video too. Definitely way easier to comprehend then the one the technic guys posted, lol.
  16. Okay finally finished testing all the mods. Now i just have to set up the modpack. Will take a while. Heres a list of the mods currently accepted and are either in or im working on putting them in. Asgard Shield, Multimine, Backpacks, Balkons Weapons, Better Farming, Better Furnace, Better Storage, Castle Defenders, Chainz, Chest Transporter, CustomMobSpawner, TreeCapitator, ExtraWorld Gen, Forge, Forge Essentials, Gregs Blocks, Highlands, Inkmaster, Matmos, ChatBubbles, Millenaire, MobSpawnControls, Creepers No Creeping, More Village Biomes, Pams Simple Recipes, Reis Minimap, Obsidia, Sophisticated Wolves, Thirst, and World State Checkpoints. Now here is a list of the mods ive test, but not sure if i want to keep them or not. That will be up to vote. Ancient Warfare, Ropes +, Clay Soldiers, Desired Blocks, Extended Workbench, MoreMeat 2, Invasion, Middleaged, Jammy Furniture, Minecraft Comes Alive, More Fences, More Health, RealWeather and RealTime, Thaumcraft, Underground Biomes, Usefool Food, and Witches & More. Some are higher on the list of making it in, while others not so much.
  17. Please keep checking this post for updates, and let others know of the changes. Until the modpack is finished, the current server will stay up. Once the modpack is finished, i will shutdown that one and bring a new one up with a new map. A fresh start. No creative, just survival.
  18. YEs. But im working on a new modpack. That focuses on medieval type things. This does however mean no more buildcraft or computer craft. Some of the mods im adding are minefantasy, highlands, inkmaster, middle aged mod, minecraft comes alive.