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  1. Yeah Blaze thats a great idea. If someone could start a step by step tutorial on the tekkit wikia, this would be a cinch for all.
  2. Very cool, so far so good. I hope the post continues to get more pro's like you guys.
  3. So first and foremost. I have no idea what the video at the start of the tekkit page is trying to tell me. I tried its steps and I suck, so that's that. What I need on this Post is a professional who is willing to help us all. So, if someone would be so kind as to show us how to make a Custom Zip and play it on a server, that would be amazing. Rules; 1. Show step by step instructions for newbs like me. 2. Maybe make a zip file so others can try your modded tekkit lite. 3. Show how to play the custom zips in a server. 4. Show what can and cannot be done. 5. Everyone must thank the genius that decides to help us/me. I hope someone can come through for us. Because I know a lot of people who have no idea what they are doing, like me. Thank you all very much.
  4. Anyone know when minecraft will be back up and running? I can't seem to log on no matter what.
  5. Yeah if anyone would allow I'd like to play with just a small group. Big servers are quite annoying now with way too many rules items. I kind of want to make a self-automated factory. Its always been a small dream of mine. So if anyone is down just let me know and I'll hop on with you. I have skype and pretty much any tool you need. I can even host if need be, but I'm not that reliable when it comes to keeping a server up. So just let me know, hell you can even text my phone. 757-679-1020 I'm 27 so preferably I'd like to play with some grownups, if not that's cool too.
  6. Ok I need just a small bit of information. There are a few plugins that give me errors. I'm not sure which Snapshot Tekkit uses so I may have plugin versions that do not match the Snapshot. So pretty much some of the plugins just will not work. Here are my plugins; AllPermissions-1.1 (have no idea how to use this stuff lol) AutoHop (doesn't work for me) HelupPlus (Works just fine) Herobrine (doesn't work for me) JukeBukkit (Not working and its complicated lol) monsterrampage (doesn't work) Pail (good to go I think) PailPlus (also good) PickupArrows (doesn't do shit) QwickTree (doesn't work but I don't want it anyway, makes shit too easy) ShelfStorage (haven't been able to test but I'll venture to say it says fuck you and doesn't work too) Storm (doesn't even rain lol) I want acid rain goddamnit!!!! WildBoars 1.3.2_4 *works but its just ridiculous lol, kinda neat though* Zobmieattack As you can see I like danger and survival hard-fuckin-core. I want to feel some kind of fear and I want monsters to rip my crappy shelter apart so I really have to turn up my defenses. I just need more danger in Minecraft. But anyway I digress, Thank you guys for reading my complaints and such. :)
  7. Sup Torezu!

    Hey man I've looked pretty much everwhere and I need a small favor. I need to know how to get the Twilight Forest mod into my new tekkit server. My friend and I wanna play it together with all the tekkit it mods. It would be freaking awesome. Any advice would be sweet ballz man. Thanks for your time old buddy. Well off to navy work now.

    1. Torezu


      You're a bit out of my league there. All I could tell you, not having done it myself, is that you'd need a bukkit ported server mod, then client mods/addins, and I don't even know which one it uses.

    2. aquaticsolstice


      kk, hey your the most intelligent and knowledgeable individual I know on Tekkit so its why I asked. Thanks man. :)

  8. lol thanks for the advice mate, do you think these mods will work though?
  9. I'd like some help when it comes too modding the Technic pack. Is it even possible too place other mods in the technic pack? I love what is already there, but I want at least four more mods that I feel are missing and would complete my Minecraft experience. The mods I'd like to install with it are; 1. Xie's Farm Mod 2. Crazy Ores Mod 3. Jammy's Furniture Mod 4. Smart Movement Mod If someone could help me with this it would be amazing. I'm in the Navy and have no time too learn all the modding stuff. I sort of know how too do it. But, with a program like Team Viewer 7 I bet someone out there could help me. Well, if anyone has any information on if these are even possible then that would be awesome. Thanks for anyone who can help or even give advice. :)
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