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  1. In game name: medievalsoli Age: 20 Location: Canada Are you currently banned from any servers?: Not that I know of, no. Minecraft experience to date: If this is asking how long I've played for, since 1.2.1 A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server: I'd like to join this server because I don't like all the pvp servers, I was recently in one and after two weeks of my work was destroyed I decided to come look for a more peaceful one.
  2. For anyone wondering why the server is down, or has been down. It's because the server crashed as soon as anyone who could fix it went to bed, It's never down for this long and it shouldn't happen again.
  3. I don't believe ic2 is still in big dig
  4. What are all the possible ways other then the power suit upgrades to charge your power suit?
  5. IGN: medievalsoli Age: 19 Location: Canada Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? Both.
  6. Hey, just seen your email in my junk folder, I had thought you closed down your server.

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    2. Darren Jones

      Darren Jones

      Its up now. Make sure you have the new launcher and what not. Then go here and copy that link and paste it into the new launcher.
    3. AnderRoo


      Sorry I've been gone for a few days, had exams, whens the next time you'll be on?
    4. AnderRoo


      Apparently I can't talk.
  7. You're going to have to manually install the two mods, I don't think I can give you the links through a post but I did start a conversation with you, we also have our own forums for community stuff, which i'll be posting a tutorial on how to do this stuff. The forum link is:
  8. Name: Andrew IGN: medievalsoli Age: 19 Reason: Because I was just playing before you put the white-list on and I like this server.
  9. Whitelist application: 1 your in game name 2 why you want to play on this server 3 what experience do you have in tekkit 4 how long do you play each day; different times each day, usually for awhile. 5 age; 19 6 have you ever been banned on a server before?; Nope. 7 how will you benefit the server?; any way i possibly can. 8 what is a build you are most proud of in tekkit?; I have nothing to show of it but I had a HV Solar panel factory going. Mod application: 1 in game name; medievalsoli 2 Why you want to be a mod?; I like helping people and servers out as much as possible. 3 have you ever owned or had experience with being an op/admin/mod?; I have, I've ran a total of 4 different types of servers and have been a mod/admin/op in countless. 4 age; 19 5 how will you benefit the server being a mod?; I will help out everyone the most I can. I'm not sure if It's allowed to post a white-list AND mod app but I did anyways.
  10. Ingame Name: medievalsoli Reason of joining: I like tekkit smp and the server i used to play on shut down. Experience: about a year maybe longer Age: 19 Favorite mod: Red power.