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  1. Try reinstall the server again, using only launch.bat. Let me know if it works, also check your java version. Do you have the latest update? (iirc it's with 21 at the end)
  2. It's enough. It will need more RAM the more machines and systems you build and let them run, the more chunks are loaded(quarries, world anchors etc). As for the launching of the server can you post a pastebin of your log ?
  3. IMO IC2 is for beginners. Now, take Thermal Expansion which is a bit slower but pretty simple to use too. You want to go further into machines then go into Mekanism mod and ofc Atomic science (which is much better than IC2 nuclear stuff) which both provide tons of way of producing power( windmills with their epic look, fission,fusion reactors and ofc the antimatter and redmatter endgame stuff). All in all the new Big Dig goes into an era of much more end-game machines, items and so on. That's equal to MORE FUN and more time invested (= again with less boredom).
  4. Do not start minecraft_server.jar, you must start LAUNCH.BAT Then you should be able to connect. P.S. Be sure to have java updated to the latest version and have plenty of RAM because the server will eat a lot of it.
  5. it's pretty simple. Download MCPC+. Copy it into the server directory. Rename it to BigDig (be sure to make a backup of the original one) and launch the server.
  6. Try use RESIDENCE mod. Iirc when a player sets up his plot with this mod he can enable/disable some flags, like placing blocks, destroying blocks and even moving into the protected plot.(you can find more info on their wiki). Another way would be to find a mod(dont know it's name) to disable placement of quarries. You can craft them, but once you put them into your inventory they are automatically deleted. And you can give permissions to mods/admins to manually place the quarries for players. That though is more complicated, but imo is much safe for your server
  7. It's not regenerating. While you move, you get on new chunks, which were never generated by the server. And it has to generate them in order for u to walk over them. And that process is killing ur machine, though it shouldn't take more than 1-3 sec on ur rig.
  8. There are different energy cubes available, from basic to ultimate. The problem is that we can't find any updated info.
  9. Hi guys. I tried making a fission reactor yet my turbine is not spinning or generating any joules. I know the mod was updated but i guess the mechanics are the same. Heres some screens of my setup : Any ideas/suggestions?
  10. yeah i did saw clouds in space..quite odd.i'll disable nature and see what happens
  11. @canvox let few days to some testers to test the crap out of the potential updates before actually implement u said in that post, u can ruin countless hours spent by players in a world which they didnt know it's necessary to backup.
  12. Hey. So i went to the moon. Then i got into the rocket and launched it again. When the interface appeared i clicked to create a space station. Then i clicked to get on it and .... surprise...i spawned somewhere in the space falling and...crash Here is the report. Hope i can get some help.