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  1. Well do you have the BigDig.jar alreayd uploaded?
  2. Don't know if Bukkitforge works with 1.5.2 anymore tried with Hexxit got the same error.
  3. the error is because the host has it set up already you just need to have the server read the new BigDig version. and with 1.3.9 you need to start a new world sadly since IC2 and some mods are removed.
  4. http://pastie.org/8046959 idk what is happening with 1.3.12 I didn't had this error... but when I try and downgrade it's giving me this error.... I also have MCPC+ #503 should I update?
  5. Use MCPC+ instead that one you have to remove the mods/coremods first and have the server read that file instead of BigDig.jar and then re-add in the mods.
  6. No Mystcraft Pages are all blank when I take them out, And Arboriculture stairs are going to the main stair block not being different and all.
  7. Umm Mystcraft Symbols are the same ID and Arboriculture Stairs are the same id... o.O
  8. Anyone having a problem with map generation on a server?
  9. Why is IC2 configs still in here?
  10. The generation is like 2 seeds in one... If picture does not work this is the link: http://imgur.com/a/0AxiN
  11. I did that and added in worldedit and I'm very happy it works with BigDig blocks now! ^_^
  12. Weird I had that problem only with plugins never with vanilla blocks....
  13. What Build (as in MCPC+ Build) would I need and how to install it and make it work?
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