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  1. Haha, yeah, I have already banned the mining laser (and other non-TNT explosives) until I get a solution going. I already have a block logger to detect when people install quarries and mining wells (as well as TNT and pistons for you know). I will take a look at MyTowns. Will that work with GroupManager? I am using it now because it works, but I have used PeX in the past. Thanks!
  2. I will ask in their forums, but from what I understand MyTown will not work with MCPC+. I am not switching back to BukkitForge because it is the biggest piece of $#!% claiming to be compatible with Bukkit plugins. (I couldn't even get it to operate properly with WorldEdit and blocks over 255.) I saw there might be a workaround, but I really don't want to revamp my permissions setup if necessary.
  3. Yeah, I have already looked into it. WorldGuard simply believes that if an area is regioned, no one else is allowed to place/destroy unless they are added to the members/owners list. I have talked with the dev of Grief Protection and he says it doesn't catch BC quarry operations. I am at a loss as to how to stop this. What disturbs me even more is that this issue has gone on for so long with Tekkit servers and gone unanswered. Think of how many people's bases are vulnerable to someone who wants to work up the mats for a quarry and rip someone's base apart, protected or not.
  4. Not sure you are understanding me. Please re-read my original post. The Quarry doesn't fire off any events that WorldGuard or Grief Prevention plugins will catch. If BuildCraft has rights to a world, it overrides these protections. I need to stop quarries from doing this. Instead of speculation and hypotheticals, I would appreciate a concrete answer.
  5. I am in Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 and I don't have this issue. Information Panels work just peachy. Ya needs to update. Also, make sure your client installation matches your server exactly. A good way to do this is to create a pack and upload it to the Technic Platform. That way, all your players have the exact installation you have. That's what I did. :)
  6. You don't need landmarks to start a quarry. Plop down a quarry and it defaults to a 9x9 area. This also does not solve the problem of people who build underground, where a player may accidentally drill a chunk out of someone's base.
  7. Okay, so here's the dilemma. I have my customized Tekkit Lite (0.6.5) server ready to go live, running with MCPC+ to offer Bukkit functionality with plugins like WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Essentials, etc. I am using Grief Prevention to set up claims (for fear of giving players too much control with WorldGuard, an alternate solution I am still considering). The problem is BuildCraft Quarries. They completely override any regions or claims set up, chewing right through them, even my spawn. I thought that the answer was to use an anti-grief plugin, but apparently the quarry's destructive force cannot be mitigated or rolled back. My concern is a player's claim being griefed/mined by an outside quarry, especially if they are underground. While I could use logging tools to find out who did it and ban them, it still leaves the victim with a hole in the ground, their base and chests effectively mined by the quarry. I need a solution to this before I go live. I don't want to ban quarries because they are pretty useful. I also don't want to have to ban them from crafting/placement and "babysit" players that want to use them. I want to know what other admins do to protect against quarries. Any advice, suggestions, mods/plugs, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. It works now. I waited at least 20 minutes for the link to update, but wouldn't you know it? I submit a bug report and then it suddenly decides to work. Weird!
  9. Launcher Version: 242 Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise Java Version: 1.7.0_04-b22 Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: I just updated my server's pack from 1.0 to 1.1 (added a single mod) and updated the file on my Dropbox. It has the new version number in the modpack's name. However, when resetting the pack on my launcher, it keeps looking for the 1.0 version... I updated the link on my modpack's webpage on, so it seems that the website is not updating the launcher with the correct link to my updated pack. Suggestions? Error Messages: Error Log:
  10. That does mean I have to deny said player to every region I protect. I guess I could come up with a CommandHelper macro when making regions. I will look into it.
  11. Oh I know excavate all too well. I even tried my hand at coding a few others. However, after my first world (one week), I wanted to start anew with everything I had learned thus far. Skipped right over turtles and mined out the 11 diamonds I needed for a Quarry after a few hours in a cave system, and I haven't looked back. It's a great idea, but just not for me. Also, I can't overlook the WorldGuard protection problem for my server, especially having moderated for a few servers and knowing just how creative griefers can be! ;)
  12. You are completely right. I guess my post was tainted from a lot of frustration trying to get mods and plugins to play nice last night. Custom Platforms it is!
  13. I understand but that's not really the point I am trying to make. Without a power source (no battery boxes) or other equipment on the moon, getting into the rocket the first time is a death sentence. You're pretty much fucked. Older versions of this mod (as seen on many videos) tell a different story. I can just hear the players crying now. I won't be adding this to my server anytime soon.
  14. Everyone seems to have their opinions and offer that the current state of Tekkit is fine the way it is, but honestly I enjoyed the buildup of IC2's solar arrays (since you need quite a number of them to produce enough power) as well as utilizing Energy Bridges to power my quarries and other equipment. I really enjoyed Power Converters despite how some deemed them inefficient. I also wanted to note that I see a lot of upset in the Tekkit community while FTBers already have a strong movement going and carry a lot of bias towards Tekkit. Honestly, from a server admin standpoint, it scares me that I might have to eventually migrate to FTB simply because Tekkit keeps reinventing the wheel, especially when I already have so much vested in getting my server going with Bukkit plugins.
  15. I just removed Turtles entirely. I don't like how they operate nor how they can bypass things like WorldGuard regions. The rest of ComputerCraft can stay for functionality programs as well as signage at my server spawn.