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  1. The LWC for version 1.6.4 is working now. See how add itens IDs of modpack: '1000:*': autoRegister: private enabled: true '1001:*': autoRegister: private enabled: true '1002:*': autoRegister: private enabled: true
  2. Can please you give me your config.yml and the version that you are using ?
  3. I am looking for months a good plugin or mod to protect lands or blocks. WE ALL REALLY NEED a mod or plugin that do not let players open inventory(interfaces) of a block of other player. I already tested GriefPrevention(too bugs), Factions(do not protect), MyTown(not updated, do not protect all), Towny, LWC(not working, outdated), Lockette(not working, outdated), BlockOwn(not working). And more.
  4. Thank's for the tip. But any other method to prevent hacks on modpack?
  5. IP: http://pirita.weebly.com Servidor brasileiro do modpack Attack of the B-Team Acesse o site para mais informações! WWW.PIRITACRAFT.COM Lista de itens banidos: http://pirita.weebly.com/banned-items.html
  6. I found the solution: Flans folder was empty
  7. www.piritacraft.com

  8. I don't know why Flans mod is not working. I can not put the Modern Weapon Box on land, it disappear. Looks like it was not loaded.
  9. Ok, now I found http://www.technicpack.net/attack-of-the-bteam button the video
  10. I did that. There in download page http://www.technicpack.net/download do not have the link for download the server files.