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  1. well the things you say aren't exactly true the transmutation tablet is just as powerful as the condenser just stick a stack of iron inside the burn slot and boom collect diamond. the condenser was just an easier way to automate the process which i use with ic2 and buildcraft to create complex machines that make an item that cannot be condensed. collectors were OP but if they just removed the mark II and III then the problem would be almost completely solved because mark I are incredibly slow. also trade o mats can be used for selling items that do not have emc value making them very important. also the fact that you can make diamonds easier isn't that good. the addition of dark matter and red matter items balanced it out. if you think about it why have a diamond pickaxe when you can have a better one. so diamonds are not that great in ee2 when compared to it's additions. on a side note red matter was not OP or any of its creations. if you believe it is OP then you should believe nano and quantum armor is OP along with the nano saber. it may take EU but it takes forever for the charge to run out in quantum and plus the fact is you are indestructible in it for that time. i believe once somebody did that they will "get bored and start griefing people" the nano saber isn't as powerful as a katar but is cheaper to make than the katar. so if anyone hates ee2 for being too OP then i guess ic2 should go as well.