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  1. there are a couple ogres I:COgreFreq=0 I:OgreFreq=0 I:FOgreFreq=0 Golems greif a swell I:GolemFreq=0 These I chose to remove until the server gets established I:FWraithFreq=0 I:WerewolfFreq=0
  2. Sadly Dr Zhark does not allow that with his mod, I don't like it, but I have to respect his rules. Mo Creatures for 1.4.7 is much easier to install now. At least for Tekkit Light users, no need for editing jars with winRar. Just download the three files and drop them in specific folders.
  3. At this point the process is buggy. Install is straight forward. bukkitforge in coremods folder and plugins in the "plugins" folder you have to create. Problems I have encountered: - World setup is different - true bukkit each world or layer is treated like separate world with _nether or _the_end suffix. Where in bukkit forge is subfolder 0 (overworld) 1 (nether) 2 (end). many plugins have a problem with that. - Mods do not recognize permissions or protections. So difficult to secure. Specific to World Guard/World Edit - Movement seems to off, while moving within a worldgaurd region, constantly getting greeting and farewell messages - World guard/Edit crashes and turns off, leaving areas unprotected If there was a list of what calls Bukkitforge does/does not support of Bukkit, it would go a long way in determing what plugins would work, and what plugins or parts of plugins will not.
  4. No jar editing now for tekkit light, since forge is pre-installed. On Server: Add these two zip files to mods folder on server folder - CustomMobSpawner 1.11.zip - Mo'Creatures Mod v4.5.0.zip On Client: Add this to coremods folder at %appdata%.techniclaunchertekkitlitecoremods - GuiAPI-0.15.2-1.4.6.jar Add this to coremods folder at %appdata%.techniclaunchertekkitlitemods - CustomMobSpawner 1.11.zip - Mo'Creatures Mod v4.5.0.zip While a custom mod pack is easy to build do this automatically, its against the distribution rules set forth by Dr Zhark. He insist that the users install it from his forum post at: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/81771-147-mo-creatures-v450-with-elephants-mammoths-komodo-dragons-more-ostriches-better-jellyfish/ Running this now on a with no problems, just working on distribution of the mobs. Couple notes: - Ogres and Golems, will destroy blocks bypassing normal restrictions. - Werewolves require gold weapons to fight them with (silver is not recognized) for my server I turned these off. - While the client can access the GUI to set various mob attributes, it does nothing even when done by op. They must be updated via the servers config file. config/MoCreatures.cfg
  5. I had same consern, but once you get down deep enough you will start saying enough with the nikolite ore.
  6. Looking at setting up a server and looking at some suggestions and advice. My intent to to have a fairly vanilla tekkit server with Mo Creatures, Bukkitforge, Essentials, Worldguard and Chunk Protect. Have that set up with a private server and seems to be working ok, once I got the permissions. Players use Chunk Protect for their times, and use World Guard for server items, like towns, dungeons, temples and roads. How are specific items banned, and what are good times to ban? I have TNT, Indusrial TNT and Nukes blocked from being placed. Nukes and Meltdown set to 4.0 (TNT level) How do i restrict items or entire mods to specific permissions or Essentials Groups? If someone has a link to a guide that would be great. Any other words of advice before plunging in?
  7. Hey Ralph Can I Have The Link For The Url For Mo Creatures And Additional Mobs For My Tekkit Lite Thx

  8. Found out does not work: Virtual Pack, hooks for virutal devices seem not to work (inlucing /workbench in Essentials) Interestingly got Mo Creatures and Backpack (MODS) to work successfully with forgebukkit, in the case of Mo Creatures (I used the non-bukkit version). Servers starting to shape up.
  9. Any one have luck with the Paint gun mod. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1534970-146145forgepaint-mod-168-color-notebook-and-painters-workbench-paint-sandblast-devastate/ Seems to load to server fine, but on client, putting into mods folder, seems to get a grey screen after Mojang logo. Any suggestions. Btw: this plugin gives the ability to color any block on of 16.7 Million Colors using a tool, with Lapis, Rose Red, and Cactus Green.
  10. My Plan and recommendation copy every thing over from live folder in separate folder,(or machine) remove everything in bin, coremods, mods and crash-reports (you can delete backups and server logs) install server get 1.4.7 versions of any custom mods. may need to prepare a new custom mod pack. change port from default (if on same machine) and run Log in with port override (depending on size of server, get help here) If everything checks out. Shut down old server copy worlds over from old server. reset port in server.configs start in new folder.
  11. may have to manually select version they are using, latest is 0.5.2, but that was just today. many servers are still on 0.5.1.
  12. Found: http://powerbeat.org/minecraft/server_mods/ adds /chunk commands. Where players can claim chunks, add trusted players and auto-unclaims up in not visited in specified number of days. simple but works, not 100% yet
  13. Thanks, downloaded to my test server will be installing an upgrading there. Still consider having - Custom Mod Pack backout (will require keeping old copies of files) so can undo a modpack - Mod pack per server.