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  1. Hi there, I'm PindaPower. Im a fanatic streamer that interact with the viewers. On the stream why are playing game like minecraft (tekkit, FTB) to bioshock, league of legend and other games. My channel is here: www.twitch.tv/pindapower My current schedule consists of a regular stream taking place in the 2 times on Monday and Wednesday. In theweekend, I stream a saterday or sunday. My current schedule can change due school. I hope to see you there to have a good time.
  2. Yes, you can. But first test it out of all plugins work. If bukkitforge dont work try MCPC-Plus (is a craftbukkit and normal-mc-server in one jar) You can always ask there. Myself allready got a bukkitforge and MCPC tekkit lite running
  3. I place is important for in the future, maybe the forum admin can help us with this. I will check if I can contact him. Or I just make a forum post and people can reply. Then I will and them to the list. What do you mean with LPP?
  4. All true, but the question will be if the chest will be return? The thing with barrel and enderchest are really nice. Offtopic I now a mod (enderchest). You can make 10+enderchest in one world that are linked with a color. So white-white-white is connected to white-white-white. Blue-Blue-Blue is connected to Blue-Blue-Blue. Real nice mod
  5. Hello forum, I was searching on the forum for a streamers topic. But I found no topic of it. So maybe you forum now place for all tekkit streamers. Or I make this poll for streams. All creative things all welcome for this topic
  6. DO you use plugin? mabye is the plugin problem
  7. Plz tell us wich verison you use for next things: plugins, tekkit, java, bukkitforge
  8. Title: Turning of all electric machines Version: 0.5.7 OS: Windows & Linux (server) Java Version: Version 7 Update 11 Description of Problem: If I rejoin my 0.5.7 tekkit lite server. All the machines get turned. This is the cause with: electic furnace, macerator, generator, compressor It's not the cause with: induction furnace, rotary macerator. If needed I can get you picture or show you on my server. Error Messages: None Error Log: None
  9. I have tested version bukkitforge #137 It is working and stable Have plugins: essentials, groupmanager, worldedit and worldguard, clearlagg <-- need to test it still FOR EVERYBODY #129 IS UNSTABLE is give my killed proces. The server wount start even.
  10. True, most used plugin for tekkit lite: essentials, worldedit, worldguard and clearlagg There are a lot of update every day. There is all you information http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/bukkitforge-getting-bukkit-plugins-on-tekkit-lite.34804/
  11. If you like that creeper dont explode, use the command block command: /gamerule mobGriefing off <- no mod needed http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Command_Block#Gamerules Yes, I tested the lasted version. It all work out of the box. But when relogg on to the server, I cant use worldedit same for change from gamemode or change from op to deop. PLZ help me, is this a problem of bukkitforge or something else Plugins that I you (lasted version 19-1-2012): Clearlag, Essentials full, Groupmanager, GroupBridge, Worldedit,Worldguard In the new version all plugin get a 'ported_plugin' version extra. @keepcalm do you got a idea?
  12. Hello forum, I'm getting a lot of question on the forum and internet about tekkit lite server and bukkit plugins. You can find answer to all your question, but there not one place where you can find everything. So I like to make a guide to startup, configure, play on your server. But for this I need support (tester and helpers) and people who want to see this. Post there if you want to help or if you like to see a guide. If there a enough post after a week. I will begin the proces
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