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  1. No advice from me, as laptops aren't my area. But nice to see a parent take an active role in their childs interests. Hope you manage to work something out. Best of luck.
  2. The mantra on Slows live stream a few days ago was that such things are yet to be worked out. On the one hand the live stream and all the anouncements are FTB/Forge are in partnership with Curse. Then in the same breath such huge deal breaking details like non competition are things that have yet to talked about. It's hard to work out if anyone has signed on the dotted line yet or not. If not, then breaking the news before the deal has been done is insane. If the signatures are on the dotted line then I find it hard to believe that such huge details like non competition are still up for
  3. No pronlem, me too. And besides this server has always been about long term stuff for me anyway. I'm not in any race.
  4. As said in a previous post I made. If ok I would like to tap into the network and add a station. Happpy to do this myself. From your plan the rail line will turn north again right under the south east land mass I have my base on. The station is not really just for my base, I just want that section of land to have easier access. Because once there it's just a short walk or boat ride to virgin lands and most people seem to head north west when stating out. So anyway, once rail line is in place if ok I would like to add a station more or less where the line turn north again. I do try to ge
  5. Have you tried to log on to the server ? (I'm not an admin / mod or anyone official. It's just sometimes people expect to get a response here and forget to try logging in) I have no knowledge or informatioon about the status of your application btw. Just making a suggestion
  6. Like the idea of a subway. Especially the rail network that expands out of town. There is still huge sections of landmass that lay untouched. In the interests of lag though may I suggest an on demand system. (no where near as cool as a perma' run system but RC just isn't up to it imo)... I have a press button dispensor / enter cart and of you go system in my basement. With player detector blocks it's an easy thing to do to have it set up in a way that at each station after the platform you can have a detector rail / block that tells if the person exited the cart or not at the station. If th
  7. Ah that's cool. Just thought it was me messing up. Besides I always thought the End thing gave to much to new players too soon anyway. Must have just been the end that was reset as my nether portal system and base seems untouched. :)
  8. Been online quite a bit today. Taking down my Xmas decorations at my base One thing though, what happened to the End. I keep getting "that warp does not exist" ? Has that build been dismantled ? Oh, and 10/10 for the trap laid at my back door to my gardens. I dug the floor up an it had quite an intricate circuit to it. Nice design using toggle latches and connected to the pressure plate that opens the door. It would have got me nicely if the dispensors were loaded. Maybe that's more of a phychological terror though. Sending a message that if someone had wanted me dead they could
  9. "PS. I could have exploded your Worlds, but i didn't for Publicityreasons." tells you everything you need to know about this guy. I won't touch that mod in, or out of tekkit.
  10. Just wanted to add, just in case anyone thought I was selling my shop because of economy issues that's not the case. I do admit it was very annoying when I was active loging on each day and for the first 20 mins I spent making items to restock the shop knowing full well whoever just previously cleared out the shop had done so after spending 10 seconds next to a transmute table... I wanted to get rid of my shop as my heart is just not in it and when I do get back I want to spend my time on other things. Back on topic: not really had a good look at garretts idea. But I would be very surpri
  11. Arieanna I would love to see a friend take it over. But in all honesty I want someone to take it over for good. When I do return I want to concentrate more on my builds rather than the shop. I guess my heart was never in trading So I really want someone to buy it from me. (x1 cake as stated) I very much appreciate your kind offer of running it till I return though, and if you wanted to take it full time that would be cool. But if you didn't want to that's fair enough. You replied first so you certainly have the first say if you want it.
  12. Logic (red power supply shop) for sale... Price x1 cake An established and profitable establishment in the heart of the market. est, Oct' 2012. Hey, Not sure why but I no longer get emails when new posts appear on this thread. Might be related to when my raid system fell apart and i had to reformat. But I thought as long as my email stayed the same I should have got mails. Anyway that's not what I'm here about. Iv'e been inactive since just before Xmas. Give or take a few hours online here and there. Honestly, Ive been playing MC every day still. But In single player using the new 1.4.6
  13. Seriously, redpower engines are good for powering wooden pipes to pump items/liquids into a pipe network, or using 4 to power a pump. A quarry use a hell of a lt of power. Use a steam engine if you want to keep it basic.
  14. What pack are you playing ? It's been a while since I used Technic. (I mainly play on servers) but Technic has Mo'creatures mod that has an option in a seperate section of options the name of I can't remember. Something like global mod options or something. Anyway. In those options is a button to allow despawn of vanilla mobs (including sheep). If your playing Technic you may want to check that. Note: Like I said it's been a fair while since I played Technic so my info could well be out of date. Maybe somene can confirm.
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