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  1. Awesome new donator perks have been added, the server is growing rapidly! Come join in on the fun. We have over 25 listed player towns and an awesome admin owned town. Play at: bd.ion.gaming.org
  2. We have added new perks for players. As well...are you ready for it...don't too excited...try to contain yourself... Our MOB ARENA will be opening soon! Get in on the action. Join us as bd.ion.gaming.org cheers, Saki
  3. We have updated our spawn with two exit pathways! Come check it out. IP address: bd.iongaming.org cheers, Sakiittome
  4. Player shops are now available at the mall. The price for a stall is $500k Join now and have a great time. Bring your friends or make new ones! IP address: bd.iongaming.org Cheers, sakiittome
  5. Our server is becoming nicely populated. Lots of new and veteran players. Join now and become part of Iongaming. If you are looking for a fun friendly server look no further. Post here and receive an ingame bonus. Ensure to state your IGN in your post. Cheers! Sakiittome Iongaming staff
  6. Many new players everyday along with veterans whom are willing to help out. Great players, friendly and helpful staff. Join now if you are looking for a great Tekkit server!
  7. If your are still searching for an amazing Tekkit server look no further. Iongaming is a fun, friendly and well staffed server. Members are friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. Come join us and see for yourself!
  8. This truly is an amazing server. Everyone is helpful and friendly. The mods & admins are always there when you need them. A real sense of community!
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