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  1. State your ingame name in your post if it's not your forum username only, please! Also, thanks for reminding me of that, Sakii.
  2. IonGaming was founded two years ago as a way to escape the problems of an old community that had become corrupt and was shut down. Our goal was, and still is, to provide a place for everyone to play and enjoy themselves. A place for people to escape from everyday life for a while, and just enjoy themselves with their friends, and make new ones. Over time, our minecraft servers have been reworked, and servers for other games have been created, however it still maintains a devoted staff base in minecraft, determined to bring it back to it's former glory and bring players, new and old, together.
  3. Just FYI, signing your posts with "Best regads Benleo. (the owner of TekkitCloud)" is going to get you warned/helen keller'd. Don't sign your posts. Also, its regards, not regads.
  4. Thank you all for joining us. Due to our want for freedom to choose our own mods and update when we feel we need to, we have switched to a custom modpack. If your interested, you can view it on our site: http://iongaming.org/threads/785/ I kindly request that this thread is deleted at some point. Thank you all for your support, and thank you Technic Team for helping me get to this point. Regards, Tyrantelf
  5. ^^ This is probably your best bet. I very much doubt you'll find a developer for this, as its not really worth it.
  6. 3GB for $30... Its very possible they gave you a lot of RAM and skimped on your CPU. What's your CPU speed & number of cores?
  7. And as far as a website goes, judging from your post you have little to no experience.. You should probably use enjin or webs for your website, as judging from your post you don't have the know how to make your own site.
  8. Ask around, our players our friendly and should help you out. The main thing you need to do is to get away from spawn a ways. ~250 blocks around spawn in each direction is protected, so you have to get outside that area to start building. You can set a home when you get to a spot your building at with /sethome and then get back to it with /home later if you get far away from it, for example to go mining or go to spawn to sell things in the shops. You can also join or make a town with /town, which will protect your land. If you join a town, players in towns generally work together
  9. Thanks you guys! Okay, May I ask your not overly critical about spawn, its still under development with our new map.
  10. Okay, it looks like everything is settled down now, we're having a few lag problems but its playable.
  11. Tekkit is still on 1.2.5 due to mods not being updated yet among other things. Minecraft added the LAN stuff in 1.3, so tekkit doesn't have it yet.
  12. We had some problems, a plugin had a memory leak that we had to trace down. Its up now and we're working on building the playerbase back up, as it was down for a good bit.
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