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  1. Hi. Thx for the information. I though the sings made my posts more comprehensible, so other players easy could see who i am. I am also sorry about the spelling fails. Feel free to shout it out, if there are anything else.
  2. I would like to announce Jay_360_Riot, and wewewunga as new MODs. Welcome to our staff. The server has really been growing the last days! I am supprised over all our new users. Only yesterday there were over 200 players online! I have also gotten many donation this month, and i am planing to upgrade the server. (double the server preformerance, and generate a bigger map). There have been some griefers on the server. We have resolved how they have griefed, and there is no way they can do it again. We do now have a much better anti grief system, after many hours of configuration and investigating. The new vote system for the server have also been sucsessfull. We have gotten MANY votes the last days. Thx to all of our users! I look forward to see you all online! I want to give a spesially thx to Dies34. He donated 50$, some days ago.
  3. I would like to announce Molwarp as a new MOD. Welcome to our staff. Molwarp is a really active users, with his 168 hours of playtime. (01.01.2013-15.02.2013) He will be online often to help all of you :)
  4. UPDATE: We do now have a teamspeak 3 server. Host: Port: 6089
  5. Hi Kingolly! Thx for all the kind words! Yes the server is a bit hardcore, this is cause we love challenges If you have any questions, suggestions, or just a compliment, feel free to shout them out :)
  6. Server IP: Webpage: Expected uptime: 24/7 (97-99,99% - check out the uptime here) A 2 min introduction video. What is so special with TekkitCloud? You can protect your own areas against grief. You can give your friends permission to build with you, on your claims. The server is located in France - very good ping all over the EU. It's a modified server, so it's not possible to grief with EE items. Experienced admins. Few blocked items. Live map on our webpage! Small server, where it is easy to find a place to build. Check out the server, you will not be disappointed Short about TekkitCloud - history. This server has been online since 1. November 2012. We are a few friends that are tired of normal Minecraft. Me and Drumster has been administrated normal Minecraft servers before, and we both have much experience about Minecraft servers. It was on a LAN we decided to start a tekkit server. We wanted to make a server for all kinds of players. A server that is online 24/7. A legal server, with no cheating. A server where players could claim their own properties, and build with other players, without being afraid of grief. Since the day the server has started there have been much developing. We wanted a stable server, and have therefore been working hard with all bugs, to prevent crashes, and such thing. We opened the server for the public around the 1. January 2013, and the server should now be both stable and ready for big amounts of players. We welcome all players to our server. This is a new server, and we are open for any suggestion! If you have any thoughts about TekkitCloud please tell them. We want to develop our server, so do not be afraid of telling us about bad and good things about the server. We also look for players that can help us administrate the server. Check out our forum if you want to be a part of our staff. Server rules We do not have rules, as nobody reads them anyway. All players should know what they're not supposed to do. We do not even have rules against grief, since all of our players can claim their own areas, where other players not are able to grief. Check out our webpage to find out how this work! Plugin list WorldGurd - Protection of spawn. GriefePrevention - Players can claim their own properties. BuyCraft - Automatic donation plugin. PingTester - Get the ping to all the users. CustomCommands - Information commands ingame. Dynmap - Live map at our webpage. Dynmap-GriefePrevention - Show player claims at the live map. LaggClear - Clean up the server files. MonsterIRC - Webchat for admins. PermissionsEX - Diffrent permissions for diffrent ranks. ScheduledAnnouncement - I think you understand what this plugin does. SimplePlayerList - A list of online users at our webpage. TekkitRestrict - Restrict of cheating and duping bugs in tekkit. WorldBorder - Make a end of the world. Ranks This is a legal server. No one of our players has permission to cheat commands like /give and /fly. No one has overpowered permissions. The admins can go into the console and edit the server files, but this will only happen when it is needed. Check out the permissions to the different ranks at our webpage. [builder] - The default rank [Veteran] - Players that have more online time than 20 hours. [VIP] - Players who have donated to the server. [Mod] - Server guards with ban, kick and mute permission. [Admin] - The same as the mod + have access to the server console. [Owner] - The owner of the server. The same permissions as an admin. You will find very much information if you go to our webpage. - If you have any questions, scream them out! Pictures You will find very much information if you go to our webpage. - If you have any questions, scream them out!
  7. Hi Minecrafters. I am a server owner, I have much server related experience, but I cannot build very nice things. I need help to build up a spawn area for my server. A spawn that looks modern and is easy-to-understand. I don't need a very big spawn, max 100x100, but i hope to get a cool spawn. Not only a big square, but something that gives all users a great first impression. My server has been online since 1. November (for my friends), and were released to the public around 1. January. I have been working hard with my server, and the server should now be both stable, and without lag, on the server side. As it is now we are only a few players, but the server slowly grows. I need a player that can build the spawn, with or without some teammates. It is a legal server without cheating commands, but if someone wants to make the spawn, will I give them permission to a "build spawn world". In this world you will have a second inventory, creative mode and access to worldedit. You should have some knowledge what worldedit is if you want to build the spawn. If you want to help me, send me an email, or contact me ingame. As a thx for your help, you will be upgraded to a VIP rank for free. If you are interested you can also find more information about the server on our website. ( Just ask if you have any questions, I will always be ready to answer them! Best regards Benleo. The owner of tekkitcloud. Email: [email protected] Server-IP: Btw: Some of you may look at this as an advertising for the server, but this is an recruitment post. I need a builder badly and I hope some of you want to help me .