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  1. long time... welcome back! :)

    1. Jay?


      Don't get too excited, I may tackle a report here or there, but my time is pretty well consumed on other projects :/

  2. I'd use the first link under "last successfull artifacts". Unless there are version specific bugs, its likely to have the most compatible plugins/mods.
  3. Hey I whenever I try to play a Voltz server i get this error "java.net.SocketException: Adress family not supported by protocol family: connect" Do you know any solutions to this error?

  4. In case it isn't clear, advertising is frowned upon. Have a nice day :)
  5. you might want to check a tutorial on running a server, and if it still doesn't work after that, file a bug report, and someone may have the solution.
  6. Jay?


    Please find your OS and Java information. Your friends server version would help as well.
  7. Please check dates when you're going back through stuff or searching. This thread was more than a year old.
  8. You're friend clearly does not play games.A graphics card is one of the most important parts that determines how well your computer plays most games.
  9. When you have additional information to add, but noone has responded yet, just use the edit button.
  10. there is no manual install. Use the installer. Also, this is not the place for that post. If you have a problem, make your own bug report.
  11. Guys, stop talking about boxing it. Whalebox threads aren't funny when it's just a big circlejerk of people saying "omg mods whalebox lololololol"
  12. Go submit a bug report.
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