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  1. Did you mean "Your hosting isn't working? or it is working?
  2. Alright, I made it a .zip file and now, instead of loading all the way to 100% before saying the error, it gives it to me immediately as I press the launch button. I've used 7zip in case thats useful to note.
  3. okay, so I'll use 7zip, but do I need to make the file a .zip or a .rar ?
  4. Also, my modpack was added to the archive as "Modpack.rar" does that affect anything? the tutorials I've watched all let it go as .rar files but has it changed?
  5. I had originally installed it into my public folder on dropbox. I am able to play using the modpack if I install it manually (The reason I want it on the Platform is because my friends want to use them and it makes it way easier to update/edit the modpack for all of us.) so I'm guessing it's structured properly. And I don't use an anti-virus or my fire-wall while playing games since they normally interfere. So sadly, none of these apply to me :\ Thanks for the help though. And I'll be sure to update the OP so people son't suggest these a second time.
  6. Alright, so a while ago, I posted in the forums about help on adding mods to the tekkitmain folder for my personal server where me and 2 other people play. Now the main suggestion was: "Use a custom modpack, that'll make it easier for everyone to have the same version of each mod." So now I've uploaded my modpack, but when I try to use it on the launcher it reaches 100% and gives me the error: error unzipping gives me the modpack directory and asks me to contact the author. Has anyone found a fix for this? Also, please don't post: "I have the same problem." I'd like to keep this po
  7. Alright, we figured the problem out. Turned out that my friend's Java decided to do some weird stuff and wasn't recognized as 64-bit anymore so he ended up giving 1GB to Tekkit, which caused it to crash on our server because of the running machineries/power sources. Got it installed and working for him.
  8. And, of course, things couldn't just go easy on this one... So, one of my friends can't connect to the server, he get's a gray/white screen upon logging in. I've deleted his player.dat file but that doesn't work. I also sent him my personal "Mods" folder to be sure he was using the same version of everything. Any ideas on what my be causing this issue?
  9. Alright, got it to work. I was a bit annoyed about how I didn't know that most Forge mods now use the same file for SMP and SSP now... but, I finally got it working.
  10. If you're using the "Recommended build" in the Tekkit options, you most likely won't have the Forge Mod Loader version required. Try using the 1.1.5 manual selection build from the options. If you're already using that version than I have no idea what may be causing your issue.
  11. Sorry for the no-reply period. My parents decided to do a "Surprise camping trip" and, since it's raining we've come back for the time. So I've successfully installed Forestry without any problems, now I'm going to try doing Thaumcraft and Thaumic tinkerer. I'll let you guys know if there's a problem.
  12. But can I install a mod that requires a previous version of forge on a newer version of forge?
  13. Do I need to go and install the latest build instead of the recomended one? And if so, will enabling that make my game constantly update?
  14. By the way, that was a serious question. Does anyone know if I can install a mod that needs, lets just say version x.x.x.600 of forge even though I have version x.x.x.700? Or does that screw everything over?
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