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  1. For those who got errors, Cauldron no longer works, use the latest KCauldron instead. Same directions as above, but instead of overwriting the libraries folder, just copy over the bin folder and rename the KCauldron.jar As of 25 Apr 2016 you can find the KCauldron files here: https://prok.pw/downloads.html#pw.prok:KCauldron
  2. Your ingame name: Mat_Trigva Why you want to join our server: I really want to play the new Tekkit in SMP Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which? No. Something about yourself: I am older than most people playing minecraft, but denying myself the possibility of playing the new tekkit is something i cannot fathom in the least
  3. i see 1 blaring loophole in your defense, mainly a sonic bomb/rocket will fling up anything, including bomb proof walling (tested)...though the emp will take care of the rocket, the bomb would still be an issue... main reason im posting this is not of course to ridicule, mainly to figure out how to defend against it (i have no idea)
  4. IN GAME NAME:Mat_Trigva AGE: not telling TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: i am a programmer irl & i live to build! TIMEZONE: +8 GMT (Singapore/Malaysia) EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY: nope TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: mediocre at best...bout 2 months worth
  5. sad really how the server goes on and off a lot last few days....such a great server! hope u fix it soon dca :)
  6. cant seem to log into the server...keeps saying communication error & end of stream...any1 else getting this?
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