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  1. Mrfluffybuns, I do not think you are on the correct forums. Please go to for any issues with Sphax mod patches. No one will answer you here.
  2. My hands are tied until the poster of the topic fixes the license.
  3. Brad D. I do not believe this is the right website or topic to post on for this. If you want help with Sphax patches please go to There you will get more knowledgeable answers.
  4. This texture pack patch for the mod pack is not created by me and is just being spread to the technic community. Links: VVV Then download either the 64x or the 128x. I am going out on a limb here and saying it's a WIP.
  5. Server down. But if you want to play on their other server go to Direwolf20 pack.
  6. I don't see anything wrong. Do you have Optifine installed? How much ram do you have allocated to tekkit?
  7. Please post the full report. Like it says on the mini report. But all I am going to say is allocate more RAM. And install Optifine.
  8. There are two servers on the list. But you have to be paitient. The pack just released today.
  9. Awesome, I can't believe there is already a server. Thanks for opening this server so quickly.
  10. I have fixed the world, I edited some of the mods so i'm good now.
  11. Fixed sounds, had to go into some options files and edit them...
  12. Ok, so I have gotten into my world, but I am missing blocks from maybe mods that were added or taken out. It is just making be mad now but if anyone has a way to recover the world completely just reply.
  13. Well, just yesterday or last night TekkitLite updated to 1.4.7 of Minecraft. I try to load my SSP world and it gives me a bunch of errors with ID Mismatches. I can't figure out how to get back into my world. I have tried to restart TekkitLite and that doesn't seem to work. The reason I am making this is because I don't want to restart my TekkitLite world. So if anyone has a fixes to it please reply to this thread.