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  1. Age: 17 IGN: shaqs21 why do you want to play on this server?: I have played on a few server looking for a good community to play with and this server seems to fit what i need. what do you want to build?: A epic base utilizing everything tekkit provides and a awesome moon/space base.
  2. IGN: shaqs21 Age: 17 Time playing: since the tekkit main pack was first released reason: i enjoy playing tekkit since the pack came out, i had a server that i successfully ran since the launch of tekkit main and i have lots of experience with this pack and actual vanilla minecraft.
  3. would using //regen on world edit work?
  4. the world has been pretty much explored fully so unless all i need to do is unload chunks and re visit that wont work
  5. is their any way to get the new ores on an old map or do we have to make a new map?
  6. Hey guys, just a quick question now we have atomic science and reactors, what do we connect them to, to charge the batteries etc seeing as we dont have battery boxes?
  7. *sigh* once again another trolling idiot... no one can fly or go in your base, they can only access a base if you /trust them or leave the door open, Also its a PvP server they can kill you whenever you like. So I hope you and your friends have fun and stay off my server :)
  8. Your right Bmcole85 All there is, is the empty moon and space stations, It's pretty sad What i've done with my players is encourage them to build factories etc on the moon, we like to industrialize the moon !
  9. Can you stop being such a child? You asked a pointless question on the public chat while staff was busy and once I answered it I then further suggested next time to google trivival things instead of bugging stuff with a pointless question
  10. Server IP: mc.bigbangcraft.com No Whitelist anyone can join JOIN NOW FOR A NEW TEKKIT EXPERIENCE. Rules: 1: Be nice 2: Moderate Swearing 3: No use of banned items they are banned for a reason! 4: Use common sense 5: Use /modreq for help PVP AND RAIDING IS ALLOWED! GREIFING IS NOT! We turned on an hour after Tekkit release come join us now to have the best Tekkit experience!
  11. Basically when a player goes to the moon (and possibly space station) anything that's in your standard armor slots replace your oxygen gear and tanks in the galactic craft slots causing player to suffocate out in space
  12. no fix yet all servers having this dupe bug hopefully the dev will fix soon
  13. Same over here my server is cursed with the dupe bug too
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