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  1. i can use landmarks with the quarry but the filler just wont work with it for me ^^
  2. Are there maybe different versions of java like for win7. java 7 is working better for me then 6.
  3. hmm MCPC-Plus is now deactivated? does this mean there will be no more updates?
  4. well i dont know any multiworld handler that is working and i dont use mythcraft edit: MCPC-Plus-1.4.7-R0.2-SNAPSHOT-79 is working with multiverse but is allways taking the same seed for each world...
  5. hmm im having problems with MCPC-Plus-1.4.7-R0.2-SNAPSHOT-89 and multiverse, isnt working for some reason
  6. we also lost railcraft and the power converters :(
  7. i wish i had the time/motivation to learn java to make my own mods ^^ i once played a bit around but i wasnt able to keep up with the minecraft updated (because everytime all my stuff broke ^^)
  8. in the ic2.cfg you have the options under "# general" there you can disable some of the dangerous stuff from ic2 ^^
  9. jeah thats so stupid... notch also supports/helps any other minecrafty like games and dont insults them. i just dont understand all this anti-tekkit nonesence. its all just mods people act like its their own game <.<
  10. to install optifine you need to put the files into the modpack.jar in the /bin folder
  11. well you can ban the laser if you dont trust your users (which you never should do ) or block the entry of people into regions
  12. i like worldguard (regions) for that but i havent tested it yet if its working
  13. yes wanted to use multiverse for creating other worlds and let people play on their own world with friends, mainly to give them all the freedom and not bother about grief prevention. and multiverse without creating/importing/teleporting is pretty useless ^^ I'll try that Mystcraft stuff tomorrow and see if i can get any results from that
  14. @planetguy: well i dont want to use tekkit classic anymore im bored of it because i used it like... well for far to long the mythcraft idear sounds interesting, I will give that a try. @ charles: yes allready on 30 since yesterday and tested many versions o.o
  15. jeah well its not working, you cant create worlds or import them, multiverse is not working with all the forgebukkit builds i tried so far (the list is pretty useless they just seem to test if the plugin is loading and not if the commands are working)
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