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  1. Ok hopefully i was able to fix it. To all of those that are in green_land town i apologize now i had no choice but to remove quite a bit of stuff from the houses and i will give back what was lost but i must banned some items since i believe i found the items that caused it. To danny i apologize big time i had to remove almost all of your fuel station that was the main cause of the crash i will allow u to rebuild but i have to banned the oil fabricator. The server is reopened so come play and yet again sorry to all those in Green_land town and to all the other people that wanted to play sorry it took me so long to fix it. I'm not aj so i had a hard time fixing it but it up and running now.
  2. hmm all i know is that the chunks u load crashed the server so something in ur area is throwing errors into the server so i have to upload a older back up and a put the server in Maintenance mode and see what the in those chucks is crashing the server let hope i can find the problem if not i might have no choice but to remove the whole town.
  3. alanh1987 what in the world did u guys do the reason the server keeps crashing is something in ur area. What did u guys build??????
  4. To all those that lost stuff I will be on tomorrow and the next day to give back what you lost and to help you rebuild what has been lost do to the rollback. And i will personally start taking back up around midnight my time every 2 days so if this every happens again ill have back ups from shorter times. And to all the newer players welcome and to all the old player hope to see you in game
  5. Forum Name: Kazzdin IGN: Kazzdin Age: 23 Country: USA Have you ever been banned?: No. If you could be any superhero or villain, who would it be and why?: Flash, Why because i love doing things fast and so does he
  6. You have been approved. Welcome to the server and have fun with your brother.
  7. You have been Approved. You have come to the right place to learn more many knowledgeable players play here so have fun.
  8. You have been approved. This community of friend would be more then welcome to help you learn more. You have been approved.This community welcome all and cant wait to see what type of factory you make.
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