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  1. A new hackslash mine is up-NOW
  2. i uploaded the first yogbox episode today. Yogbox episode 1-Le spider
  3. If anyone could help me sync the audio with the game completly, please reply on this thread. Also, If somone wants to do a tekkit lets play with me, my skype is jordyn.weeks
  4. My name is Jordyn and I am doing a series of hach slash mine, yogbox, technic (once a recommended build comes out) , and tekkit(maybe). I am 14 almost 15, and I first started playing minecraft when it was 1.7.3 and I enjoyed playing it, even more with mods. Then I found out about technic and I wanted to do videos of it but my computer was horrible. Now that I got a better computer I can start recording. So, here is my first video and it is of hack slash mine- and here is my channel (btw the channel name is EpicTigerGaming) - Feel free to rate/ comment and tell me what you think!
  5. I am willing to join you. I have a mic and is good with tekkit. Add me on skpye, my username is jordyn.weeks. Btw I have a youtube chennel we can put it on.
  6. have ust tekkit before? yes Age: 14 IGN: jordynw IRL Name: Jordyn Skype Name (Skype Is Needed): jordyn.weeks Mic (Mic Is Needed):yes Technic 6 Experience:I am great with forestry (sadly its being removed) Im good with all the mods, not as good with the bluetricity from redpower though And no im american
  7. well it seams to have fixed itself after downloading the newest version of the launcher.
  8. Launcher/pack Version:Techic launcher build, Tekkit 3.0.0 Operating System:32-bit Version of Java:6 Description of Problem:When I try to open up tekkit, it opens up the .minecraft folders instead of tekkit folders but it says its tekkit. Error Messages:N/A Link to pastebin of log:
  9. Dratnos you should secretly turn on pvp and kill nearbygamer repeatedly. :D
  10. can i join a group doing this comp. I im great with the electrical parts!
  11. Re: Modern city challenge So if anyone wants some help with their city im there just message me and il help.
  12. 1.Modern Warfare 3 2.Battlefield 3 3.COD Black Ops Zombies
  13. what does this mean as a title?
  14. I fixed the M in 512 and it still doesnt work also i try to run the tekkit server and it doesnt work (nothing opens) then i open tekkit and go to multiplayer and my server is up, I have it not running and its still up so i go on it and it works fine but i cant op myself to actually have any fun. sorry havoc for not explaining it the first time