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  1. As i said in the post, they only posted what they wanted to make them self look good.

    The full conversation isn't there.

    1. Maxis010


      Oh and you didn't? my ban was a abuse of power simply because i spoke the truth and he/she didn't like it. @Dragon, sorry for hijacking your comments

  2. Heh, and of course you will only add captions and things to make your self look good, I'm done with this rubbish, all of you have no back bone and are cowards, I'm sorry i ever fought for your freedom. Now kindly go rot in the hell that you made for yourself.
  3. KakerMix and its that outlook right there that has ruined everything, what ever happened to innervating and doing things differently? no just stick your head in the sand and say screw it all, Really can you really call your self a American(if your from the US) with that attitude? Sorry Jay? would you like me to dumb it down even more? And if being in trouble means being who i am so be it, i am not ashamed of being me, like most people today. Maiden it was never a argument, As i stated i was stating facts, as for insults, i never said one, you sir are just to soft, like puddy, now there
  4. Jay? Truth is Truth, no matter how you look at it, the sad Truth of society today is that there is always a loop hole to get thought and you prove that right there. miniboxer, I didn't dodge the question, I answered as truthfully as I could.
  5. I would gladly post one if I could, I didn't realize it was a ban till after I tried to reconnect, I said "Sorry Maiden your so sensitive, like so many others now a days." after I was banned, I was merely trying to state a fact that none of them wanted to acknowledge and was ganged up on by not only him/her but by everyone else in the room.
  6. Greetings, I have been recently banned from the technic chat room, and in no way should have been. I feel i have been wronged by the one named Maiden and feel that my ban was a abuse of power simply because i spoke the truth and he/she didn't like it. Where would one go to have this disputed and possibly lifted?
  7. Thanks a lot, This actually made thing crystal clear actually, intendeds of just having machines i know know what they do and can figure out how to use them, Thanks again.
  8. Sadly not as there are may different cards and such, also i don't know what things i need, i know a capacitor right and just.... i don't know its very confusing me a lot and a video tutorial would be great. Also the things you need are different and that's what confuse me, Like in Tekkit you have the EU injector, the core and the projector, tho i see the same things in Volts but how to hook them up also confuses me.
  9. Well i got the mod pack to work perfectly, no crashes no lag nothing, but i am trying to find out how to set up force field, when i Google it, it just sends me to the tekkit tutorials and i don't see any Volts ones. Me and my friends are going to do a war thing where we fight each other from a legitimate start, aka no creative mode and see who wins, now i hear that the force field is the only thing that can protect you from anti matter and hypersonic missiles and i would like to understand how the force field work before starting the challenge. If anyone could set me on the right track
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