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  1. Open Task Manager, kill all processes called javaw.exe, go and delete the file
  2. Try deleting the file specified C:/Users/Christopher/AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam/saves/mapwriter_mp_worlds/162_244_165_91_25860/mapwriter.cfg
  3. That isn't a mod or plugin, it's forge verifying the client has the required mods
  4. What browser do you use? Does it allow you to specify where you download to? If yes then set it to download to my documents or another location you can easily find then make a shortcut to the launcher for your desktop If no then search your browser options for a default download location
  5. That modpack appears to have been abandoned in favor of a new pack, and all I'm seeing on said new pack is Server Down, maker owner not responding/non-existent Tried to run a fresh download but java can't even start a VM, might be the pack, might be because he uses dropbox (very bad idea)
  6. Edit the configuration files (normally located in the config folder) of your modpack, change the IDs that are conflicting in those files to IDs that are not being used Launch your pack to test the new IDs Rinse repeat until all conflicts are resolved
  7. Or just change this value in ArchimedesShipsMod.cfg # The maximum amount of blocks that a mobile ship chunk may contain. I:max_chunk_blocks=2048
  8. Technic was archived because as of 1.4 there was no need for an SSP pack Tekkit Classic was archived because one of the Bukkit Forge Combi's ceasing development Tekkit Lite was archived because of those 3 mods ceasing development If these events did not occur then chances are they would still be around today
  9. Run task manager, close javaw.exe, try again
  10. [B#439] java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:UsersMaxis010AppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksmoonnet-modpackshaderpacks6Paolos aLagLess 4Shaders cv03 1RC7.zip Pulled this from console http://modscraft.by/1062-paolos-lagless-shaders-glsl-shaderpack-odin-iz-samyh-prekrastnyh-sheyderov.html Missing this perhaps?
  11. Tekkit does not have a 1.7.4 version as some (if not all) of the mods are not updated to 1.7
  12. Launch minecraft, add a server, close minecraft, take the servers.dat from minecraft and put it into your pack, done
  13. You need to register separate accounts for the forum, platform and the launcher uses Mojang's login And you may think you are entering your details right but 1 of 2 these statement is accurate "You are wrong" "The site is broken" And I just logged out and in multiple times perfectly fine
  14. Platform and the forums use separate accounts
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