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  1. I am aware of the high energy draw when first plugging in the controller, but this is different. I watched the power, and it plummeted for quite a long time without stopping. On top of that, even after I disconnect the controller, the power still keeps depleting until I break the cable connecting to everything else. Breaking the cable connecting to everything else before plugging in the controller averts this.
  2. I've been trying to think of defense mechanisms for bases in Big Dig, and I though that the forums would be a good way to hear interesting ideas for ways to keep pesky intruders out of your base. By all means, if you have a good idea for base defenses and want to share them, post them here!
  3. I have set up a Fission Reactor in my basement, only to discover that I can't work out how to operate the Centrifuge required to make Uranium Rods. I have it hooked up to sufficient power, but I don't know where to put the Uraninite and the Empty Cells. I checked the Voltz wiki, but it uses the updated 1.6.2 interface so that didn't help me. No other wiki had any information on how to use it. Never Mind. Someone elsewhere answered my question. My understanding of Fissile Fuel Rod creation was seriously outdated.
  4. I use two Solar Generators and an Advanced Solar Generator connected to a Basic Energy Cube to power all of my machines. I always have a Charge Pad and a Gun Turret hooked up to it , though the Gun Turret is not always on. I also have a Coercion Deriver and an ME Controller that I occasionally plug in. Sometimes, I plug in my ME Controller without removing the cable that connects to everything else first. I look at the Energy Cube, and the power is rapidly going down. I remove the cable connecting to everything else and it stops plummeting. I put the cable back again and it continues to cease plummeting. I have tried recreating this without the Charge Pad and/or Gun Turret attached, and it still occurs. Why is this happening?
  5. I am not using a texture pack. The current version installed is for 1.5.1 and Big Dig is 1.5.2, but as I said before, updating the mod and the addons pack makes the game crash on startup.
  6. I don't think so, as Big Dig doesn't include it and I haven't tampered with the mods in my copy.
  7. I'm playing Big Dig, and for some reason the Power Gauntlet is invisible in first-person mode. It works fine functionally. I tried updating to the newest version of MPS and the addon pack, and the game just crashed with a NoSuchMethod error.
  8. Sorry, my internet bugged out and I accidentally sent the same thing twice. This message is in place of the second copy.
  9. The problem is the Dark Tower must have generated on a hill, or in an especially high part of the world. No blocks can be generated above the build limit, so the top (and the Ur-Ghast arena) was not generated. This could be avoided by adding a build-limit increasing mod to your instance of Hexxit, but I am sad to say that your adventure to get to the Ur-Ghast was fruitless, and cannot bear fruit, since it has already been generated as-is. I'm very sorry. But by the way, thank you. I had no idea that Nether Chocobos could fly, so thanks for that picture.
  10. I have made a really big world in Hexxit (my vast search for treasure has brought it up to 503MB) that also has some nice builds of mine in it. The other day when I brought it home from a friend's house ( I take it there on a USB drive) I put it back into my saves folder and attempted to load it. It was stuck on "Loading world" for as long as my patience lasted, and then I closed the window with minimal hassle. I tried deleting it and putting another copy of the world on my USB drive in, but when I try to delete the world it says that another program is using it. I cannot find a program that is using it. What's wrong?
  11. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M version 320.18
  12. I already have the Increase PermGen box checked. It has been so for quite some time.
  13. oh wait, I misunderstood. When my graphics card was having extreme problems (which was followed by the blue screen of death), I accidentally started up Spore, and the 3D galaxy on the main menu looked weird. But aside from that, no.
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