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  1. I'm looking into it now. I will let you know. My admins report that they watched you cheating.
  2. http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/ Download the Launcher, Select "Tekkit Classic", and add my server information. :)
  3. You need to download the Tekkit client, and launch using the Tekkit Classic option.
  4. I appreciate your kind words. Me and my staff have worked extremely hard on this server, and it's good to see happy people.
  5. The server port had to change due to a provider change. Please update your server list to "reloadmc.no-ip.org:25602".
  6. Update: The server is currently down because my provider could not handle the new player load that came in. I'm in the process of migrating all the server files over to a new provider.
  7. I've unbanned you. Please don't take any items that are not yours. :)
  8. You were banned from stealing items/griefing from Oldtown. You stole my rail rode tracks and carts that were in there. I have log proof that it was you.
  9. Update 2: Added pictures! Also, the server RAM was upgraded today to support the wave of new players that came in.
  10. Update: A second beta server has just been launched as well. While players won't be using this server, this secondary server will be used to test out new plugins, configurations, and more! This means that changes and additions won't have to be tested on the active server!
  11. Reload! - A Tekkit 3.1.2 Community! NOTE: Server IP Updated as of Feb-1-2013! IP: reloadmc.no-ip.org:25602 Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/reloadmc What is "Reload"? - Reload is not just a server; we are an entire community focused on making Tekkit an enjoyable experience. There is the server, the sub-Reddit page, and a website (in the progress). What makes this server different from any other?- Most server owners are content simply banning items that they are unhappy with. We focus on trying to make the player happy, though. While we have banned certain items that have to easy work-ar
  12. This worked fantastic on my Tekkit 3.1.2 server! I can now use CoreProtect to rollback changes done by those items. Thank you so much for your work here.
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