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  1. I read that the server was understaffed i would love to become a mod or admin cus there are so many people that need help and i love the server. Admin/Mod Application ING:dzjavatftw WHY: cus there are so many that need help and none to help them WHAT WOULD I DO TO A RULE BREAKER: I would give him 2 warnigs and last a 1 day temp.ban. WHAT WOULD I DO TO A HACKER: id just ban him no warnings.
  2. minecraftbear77 i am stuck in the RANK-F shop and cant use the warp out, it happend when i used the rankup to become RANK-E please please please help!!!!!!!
  3. Hi my name is dzjavatftw and im stuck in the F-shop on your server i cant use the teleport out couse im a E-rank that sucks please place some water in there so i can drown myself

    Love Dzjavatftw

    P.S please,please,please

  4. IGN:dzjavatftw Age:12 Skype: Jakob.motrensen Name:Jakob How long have i playd on BTT: i have playd on the server for about 2 months. My reputation:my reputation isent that good i have a mod/donater friend (Lucas60) and 1 donater(Marcus60) friend and thats it. a player is excessively swearing/spamming what would i do:I would just ask why he is swearing and try to calm him down and try to help him,but if that that dosent work i would have given him a 5 min mute and if he'd use the faction description i would first give him a warning second i would kick him and last ban him for about 1 day. How i would handle a bug user:1. I would first ask him to stop 2.would give him one more warning 3.i would ban him for about 1 day. If someone raided/griefed my base: Nothing just move on and make a new one. An admin is banning people for no apparent reason, how do i respond: I would send a message to the owner(s) and let him(them) judge him .And unban the people A moderator is being abusive with powers, how do you respond: I would try to get him to stop if not i would report him to an Admin Timezone: 13:00 (+1 hour from British time)
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