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  1. Im having the same issue, still looking for a fix
  2. Edo, try deleting and reinstalling hexxit. That might fix your issue. And Eagle, the server is down again, could you fix it?
  3. Eagle, theres something wrong with the server. It kicks you if you stand still for 0.083 minutes, which is like 4 seconds. This includes crafting, talking in chat, checking recipes
  4. If you were on this morning, why is there no player data for you? And how would you have connected to Tekkit Classic when the server is now Tekkit and has been since yesterday?
  5. The stupidity of this post amazes me. Not only have you failed to apply for Moderator BEFORE applying for Admin, but you've also only played on the server for two days. Not only that, but in those two days, you've failed to realize that the Tekkit Classic Server is closed, which either means you're an idiot for applying to a closed server, or your time on the server is completely made up because the new Tekkit launched this morning. Finally, what server do you know of that would op their Moderators? The whole point of making a Moderator class is to give them only partial powers, not every command in the game.
  6. Server is now open! Come and play now! Spawn will be built later. You need tekkit version 1.0.6 to play
  7. Server should be up in a few minutes. Will update post once its live, then I'll get to work on a new thread for the new server
  8. Change of plans: Server will be up tomorrow, probably around 3:45-4 tomorrow, depending on the speed of the file transfer.
  9. Hey File, remember me, Tayleana? From the Tekkit Classic server. I was Mod for a while and on skype and whatever, well i'm on again and just letting you know that if you need any help with the new Tekkit server, i'm willing to help again:)

  10. Tekkit Classic will be closed tomorrow. The new Tekkit server will open tomorrow on the same IP.
  11. You don't know me but I was a player on your old server. My friends and I were well well established but sadly it shutdown. I just wanted to say, if you need help with the new server..please feel free to ask for my help. I really enjoyed your server and I want to help out.

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