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  1. IGN:bluedragonke Real Name:Kevin Time Zone:Eastern Standard Something about yourself:I'm good with computers. What language you speak (I am truly sorry, but if you do not speak English, you could have google translate in another window?):English, German. What do you want to do on this server (Everyone should have a shop) Focus on EE and build a floating house. Do you have a Youtube Channel:Nope If so, will you be willing to film?:
  2. Ok, anyone else want CraftBook and or echopets (other pet related plugin also would work)
  3. In game name: Bluedragonke Age: 14 Location: East Coast(USA) Are you currently banned from any servers?: I have not been, and am not banned on anyserver as far as I am aware. Minecraft experience to date: I've been playing minecraft around 2 years. A short paragraph on why you would like to play on our server: A friend of mine,Doomshadow5, referred me to this server. I would like to join the server because I want to play tekkit online with other people and have fun on a clean looking server.
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