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  1. Hi Darth. I'd love to welcome you to our server. Please complete the application at our website: and your whitelisting will be processed promptly. Cheers
  2. I'm sorry to say that we had some technical issues over the weekend, but they're sorted now and should not be happening again. Longevity and stability are high priorities with this server. We're not going anywhere Fresh meat remains as welcome as ever! <3 Pwny
  3. Accepted & Added. Welcome! Please register on the website when you can.
  4. Updated the pack to fix an issue with wooden buckets/spring buckets, and tweaked down the spawning of Lycanite's mobs quite a lot following player feedback. Still accepting applications!
  5. Accepted! You'll be whitelisted as soon as you complete registration at
  6. The new map has brought back some old faces, as well as a few new ones - and we're quite active at the moment. It's a great time to join in! Come hang out with us on IRC if you've got any questions or just wanna chat. Also we've added some small donator perks, which can be read about on the website. Don't panic, there's nothing overpowered
  7. Hello again fellow Minecraft fans and addicts! The International House of Creepers is a minecraft server & community that has been around for a few months now, formed after the shutdown of the Maestor's Kingdoms server with the goal of being a stable, long term mature (18+) modded minecraft community. Custom pack information As of right now, we're again looking to invite some new faces to join in on our shenanigans on a brand new map as of Friday, April 11'th! April 11'th: We've landed on a new world Our pack is based on the Direwolf20 1.6.4 pack, but also has a few custom improvements to help us run smoothly. Information about how to set it up and connect can be found on our website Server rules: Keep it civil and be respectful of other people and their builds. This is a mature server for mature people. If someone asks for help, or is obviously having a bad day; be a good neighbor and lend a hand! Griefing, stealing, or being any variety of a dick will not be tolerated. PVP is consensual only! [Automated mining of all varieities!] Quarry considerately. Don't quarry the overworld unless it's in your base or you've gotten permission from a mod or admin. There is a digger age meant for quarrying, as well as special dimensions like the deep dark or twilight forest that have lots of shiny ore. Chunk loaders are allowed, and have limits built into their mechanics. Exploiting any chunk loading mechanics will not be tolerated. Info on chunk loading can be found here Do not build within 100 blocks of spawn. Players are only allowed one mystcraft age at a time. Unwanted ages can be removed by request. When you make an age, post about it here. Ages that are not listed in that thread may be deleted at any time without warning! Note that all mystcraft ages will be border limited to 5kmx5km (because lag). All builds that include buildcraft pipes, tubes, or anything of the sort needs to be built responsibly with overflow control. If you need help with this, just ask! It's all to keep the server running happily and your machines from exploding in a massive ball of fail fire. For pumping lava, or large quantities of any other liquid from the world, always use an ender-thermic pump. Any buildcraft pumps found in the nether or anywhere else pumping lava will be removed. Yellow/Yellow/Yellow is the public exchange ender chest. Any items left clogging it up for more than a few minutes are fair game/public property. Ask before you take. Rules are subject to change. Interested? Apply for whitelisting by your choice of 2 ways: ->On our website ->Reply to this thread Application format: What is your Minecraft in game name (IGN?) What is your age? Only 18+ will be considered What time zone do you reside in? How active do you expect to be? How experienced are you with Minecraft mods, such as those included in our pack? Do you have anything in particular you hope to accomplish on our server? What is the server's policy regarding PVP? (It's in the rules) If you have any questions or would like to chat with us at any time, we have an IRC channel: #IHOC on We also have a teamspeak server for members. We hope you'll consider joining our mature community! <3 Pwny