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  1. I've noticed on several modpacks there are a few more informational tabs about the modpack...an example would be things like server tools or a tab specifically for the mod list. When I look at my modpack editing sections I have no ability to add in sections like that and have to enclose all those items in my general description. What is the procedure to gain access to those extra tab components so the modpack info can be better organized?
  2. The website where all the modpacks are maintained has been down which is the source of the problem. Because the launcher is trying to get information from a website currently not responding. The website just recently came back up so things should be playable again...who knows how long though.
  3. I would recommend simply using IC2 experimental. It has a lot of gregtech components already in it and I'm sure more will be coming.
  4. can u check my whitelist app plz i would really love to get back on your server

  5. The server doesn't need more memory, the client side does due to the sheer number of mods involved. 1GB does cover it but if people move between highly developed areas too quickly the garbage collection doesn't handle it in time and they crash due to running out of available memory.
  6. The old launcher does, the new one (ie tekkit platform) doesn't go higher than 1GB
  7. Great advice, except on a 32 bit system it only allows a maximum of 1GB, hence my original post.
  8. Some of my users have 32bit systems however we have a pretty sizable modpack. The "Increase PermGen size" checkbox certainly does help but the 32 bit users are restricted to a maximum heap memory size of 1GB which is barely workable for us and will eventually cause most to crash after a short time of game play. Is there an option somewhere in the launcher that will allow a 32 bit user to allocate more than the 1GB memory to the game? Ideally somewhere in the realm of at least 2-2.5GB which should be doable for any 32 bit user with 4GB memory provided they manage what else is running.
  9. We now have a modpack version compatible with the new tekkit platform laucnher. Just add the modpack http://technicpack.net/api/modpack/eaveecraft-lite-pack and you're ready to go. The old launcher method still works as well.
  10. In the mod config options there is a "Force Directory Change" checkbox...anyone know what that is for?
  11. Everyone waiting has access to the server now. Be sure to use 0.57 and set the custom zip (in the launcher options) to http://www.sailus.com/files/modpack.zip
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