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  1. Moderator Application: Ingame Name: dragonr8per Age:16 Skype(If you have one, if not N/A this):Platapotomi Name(Can be messaged later if you prefer it stays private):Tim How long have you been playing BTT(Big Trio Tekkit)?: 7 months What would you rate your Reputation on the server:good except for the few people who don't like me because of raiding *Scenario Testing* A player is excessively swearing, and Spamming, you would?:ask nicely to stop. If the person continues swearing/spamming then I would mute them. If they still continue they will receive a temp ban. How would you handle a bug abuser?:Investigate the person to confirm that they are abusing a bug. Ask how they did it and then temp ban them. Would you ban a player if he griefed your base/Raided you?:No, this is a PvP/Raiding server, it's to be expected Timezone:US Eastern (-5)
  2. blake kept stealing my stuff from the condensers at spawn that really not a great mod quality
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