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  1. Re-Read this please? IGN) _snooplion_( I know you might think this name is stupid but this is what happens when you leave you mojang account signed in and your friend takes It upon himself to change your minecraft name) (age) 17 location) 'Merica how long have you been playing minecraft) 3 years what keeps you playing minecraft) finding good communites and playing it In different mod packs to change my overall experience
  2. in-game name: _snooplion_ why would you like to join the server: Im new to the mod pack and want to join a server with no pvp where I can learn the ropes of mods with others
  3. IGN (In Game Name):braydenrb Age:15 Why Horizon?:friend recommened it kiddo25 What is your goal on the server?:to make friends and have adventures
  4. hey lulz do you have the new launcher or the old one i need to check my house on tekkitopia and my laucher isnt loading the mods and i need a old one cmon dude it me coilfangsucks fyi
  5. it wont work for me either and im trying to film a survival youtube series with friends and cant join them
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