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  1. Age: 25 IGN: k7s41gx Came back to Minecraft after some time and would enjoy playing with a group of people. I dont really have a preference on what to build other then perhaps a space station, or some kind of newer stuff I have not experienced yet.
  2. Just updated to Big Dig 1.3.12. We are no longer running 1.2.2.
  3. NEI Still crashing my client... win7 64 bit and Big Dig 1.3.8
  4. If your hosting locally you should also try to put your machine on a DMZ through your router. Make sure all firewalls have allowed access to the Java. A temporary solution to double check its not your firewall would be to temporarily turn them off. If this doesnt correct the issue then make sure the appropriate ports are forwarded through your router. If your unsure of how do set up port forwarding or DMZ on your router, try googling for answer. There are a lot of helpful tutorials out there on how to properly setup and forward ports.
  5. Can you post your server.log file? What server interpreter file are you using (example, MCPC-Plus, BukkitForge, etc..)? How high is your spawn radius set in your server.properties file? Are you using any plugins at all (such as a grief prevention plugin, residence, towny, essentials, etc..)? The more info you can provide the better! :-)
  6. Various things on your server such as pipes transporting items, amount of chunks a player is currently loading, to even a players amount of packet loss can make your bandwidth vary greatly. I wouldn't be concerned about it until your players start experiencing large amount of lag. You can also try setting your view distance to 5 (or lower) in your server.properties file. This will help how many chunks are sent to each client upon connection and movement.
  7. Tekkit Customizer works on all custom modded servers as long as its configured correctly. I use it for Big Dig myself. Something are able to bypass crafting restrictions however ownership banned corrects this issue. Say they autocraft a nuke (which you have banned) it will be able to craft but as soon as its in your inventory TekkitCustomizer removes it. They just wasted their resources.
  8. Server Adress: Minecraft.DeathBeyondtheGrave.Net - No Whitelist - 100 Slots - 24/7 Uptime (minor outages do occur) - Open PVP / Open Raiding (Its up to you to secure your plots and protect your treasures!) Server rules: - No Griefing - No Spamming - No Begging for Ranks - No Explosives - No Cheating - No Harassment Removed mods: - Mystcraft - Dimensional doors - Computer Craft + CC Addons - Dungeon Pack Banned items: - 10:*:Lava Source:Grief Exploit. - 11:*:Lava Still:Grief Exploit. - 1001:0:Anchors:Server Crashes. - 46:*:TNT:No Explosives. - 1082:0:Nuke:No Explosives. - 1073:0:Industrial TNT:No Explosives. - 1254:0:Anchors:Server Crashes. - 12728:*:Anchors:Server Crashes. - 12729:*:Anchors:Server Crashes. - 1255:10:Anchors:Server Crashes. - 1254:2:Anchors:Server Crashes. - 11316:*:Camo Upgrade:Server Crashes. - 11307:*:MFFS Inf Card:Admin Only. - 1285:4:Duplicator:Admin Only. - 1285:8:Duplicator:Admin Only. - 1193:0:Dynamite:No Explosives. - 1194:0:Sticky Dynamite:No Explosives. About us - We are a small community driven server looking to add more players. We as the staff are a hard working dedicated bunch who will help when needed. None of us online? Try using our forums to ask for some help! Our website can be found at http://www.deathbeyondthegrave.net. - Players we look for are friendly goal oriented players who strive to improve themselves as well as enjoy playing a game. People who join and simply cause havoc will be banned from all DBTG services.
  9. IP: Minecraft.DeathBeyondtheGrave.Net Rules: 1.) No Griefing! 2.) No Spamming! 3.) No Begging for Ranks! 4.) No Explosives! 5.) No Cheating! 6.) No Harassment! 7.) No Stealing! Mods Removed: 1.) Computer Craft 2.) Mystcraft 3.) Balkins Weapon Mod Banned Items: 1.) Power Tool 2.) Philosophers Stone 3.) Mining Laser 4.) Lava Source 5.) Lava Still 6.) Wrath Lighter 7.) TNT 8.) Quarry 9.) Tesla Coil 10.) Uranium Block 11.) Reactor Chamber 12.) Nuke 13.) Industrial TNT 14.) Nuclear Reactor 15.) Terraformer 16.) Deployer 17.) Igniter 18.) Industrial Tesla Coil 19.) Block Breaker 20.) Sludge Boiler 21.) Grinder 22.) Minum Stone 23.) Frame Motor 24.) Dimensional Anchor Plugins: 1.) Residence 2.) Worldedit 3.) Citizens 2 4.) CraftBook 5.) SignShop 6.) ChestBank 7.) SignBank 8.) Essentials Friendly server looking for more players. Griefers don't bother connecting. :-). We offer a few services to our players such as protected plots, rentable areas for shops and such, public macerators/furnaces, and a central livestock farm for people to gather food. We have a central spawn with a beautiful surrounding town. Variable plot sizes from large to small to even tower penthouses. Check out our forums at http://www.deathbeyondthegrave.net . 24/7 Uptime.
  10. Any ideas when tekkit lite will update to 0.5.8? And use the newer version of IC2?
  11. Hey guys, i'm looking for a plot/town plugin for MCPC-Plus that supports tekkit "special" blocks. I currently am running Residence and while it works great for a lot of the features in tekkit i'm stuck on a problem where players can still place but not break microblocks, pipes, wires, etc.. Any suggestions for a plugin to hopefully disable this on another player's property?
  12. Logi pipes are awesome, to remove such a feature from tekkit would be a sad day indeed. I have no idea about your other bug :-(
  13. May we'd love to see you on the server sometime. Age is not too much of an issue as long as you present yourself in a mature and ethical way. We are looking for players who we see have a community driven attitude, involvement, and a genuine urge to "be good".
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