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  1. Come on... The server was down most of yesterday and all of today. Sort it out please!
  2. In game name : Six222 Age : 20 Location : UK Are you currently banned from any servers? : None Minecraft experience to date : Brought the game when it was in beta (few years ago) and I used to run a Voltz server. I'm experienced with the Tekkit pack, I play a lot on singleplayer and know the workings of Tekkit pretty well. A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server : I'm a mature and friendly player who is really just looking for a server where I can log in whenever I want without any issues and just have a good time.
  3. Yep for some reason the host has deleted all of my bukkit essentials userdata, all homes are lost. At the end of this month a new server will be in place as this host sucks.
  4. Yep, once again come home from work and the server has been stopped... will be submitting a ticket and maybe transferring to a new host.
  5. Yeah the hosts servers went offline (without notice) for a few hours sorry for the downtime...
  6. The server now REQUIRES you to have latest version of Voltz! Please update before playing!
  7. The server is running the recommended Voltz build not the latest or if you are using an older version you will need to update.
  8. Really sorry guys but we had to start a new map, there were a few bio-generators causing server crashes that I can't get anywhere near without crashing... From now on bio-generators will be blacklisted.
  9. The server is a 100% legit so the spawn was built legit.. and @Pandafish the Bio-generator that you have is causing the server to crash.
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