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  1. This has been checked in a brand new world generated under Tekkit Lite 0.5.9 as well as a new world generated for 0.6.0 The 0.60 world I used creative mode to spawn in the quarries and watch to see what turned up in the chests. Same result for both worlds.. zero emeralds no matter where I check.
  2. This problem is still on-going. A random one of the chunks that my base currently occupies keeps getting reverted back to its initial state at world generation, erasing everything that was there previously. All terrain is restored back to original state at initial world gen, including any ore that was there initially. While this is awesome when it happens in my mining areas or old quarries... it really sucks to have happen in my base constantly. Every time this occurs, I basically have to scrap all of my current progress and revert back to the last save backup I made (usually done before s
  3. This goes for potion Nightvision or helmet Nightvision, tested with both. (Technically the game only has one version of the buff coded, so anything that gives this buff should have the same bug. I did test both however.)
  4. I have an auto-crafting setup that generates fertilizer from scrap. I have 3 auto-farms going to use up as much of this fertilizer as possible... yet I still have an upgraded barrel that's more than 85% full of scrap. I simply CANNOT use the stuff fast enough. I've ended up turning off my recycler and just funneling all the waste material from my quarries into three void pipes (trash cans). (shrug)
  5. Are you folks using the old launcher or the new one? The mistake I made was installing 0.6.0 with the old launcher. Apparently that isn't a "good version of 0.6.0", you have to install the new launcher in order to get the "good 0.6.0".
  6. I have officially located an Extreme Hills Biome (hitting F3 to check the actual region's biome name). Set up a maximum sized quarry, let it run.. zero Emeralds. Once the quarry completed I picked it up and swiveled it around so I made another max sized quarry butting right up against the first...all still in the Extreme Hills Biome. Let it run, zero Emeralds. I went through max-size quarrying four times before giving up. Zero Emeralds found total. I am quite sure they are not spawning AT ALL in my game. So to repeat my initial question with slightly different wording: How can I check
  7. I currently have Jet Pack, Jet Boots, Glider Wings, and Flight Control (Helmet) installed. If I move one square forward, I drop about three squares in height (without space being held). Same problem when moving backwards. Keeping altitude while moving forward requires the space bar be held down more than 75% of the time otherwise you drop like a falling brick. (This is all however, without holding down shift for the glider function.) Makes short controlled movement an extreme pain.
  8. Any way to alter the configuration settings for how the Flight system works in the MachineMuse Modular Powersuit? There is WAY too much drop on forward / backward flight, and I would really love to adjust it somehow.
  9. I have searched and searched and cannot find Emerald Ore spawning anywhere in my current game (even after checking new chunks I haven't been to before). Currently in my SSP, Emerald Ore is about a million times more rare than even Diamonds... which seems rather silly. Where can I check to make sure it's spawning?
  10. Title: [0.6.0] Nightvision in Dimensional Pockets == Blindness Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows Vista 32-bit Java Version: 7 Update 15 Description of Problem: Going into a Dimensional Pocket with the Nightvision buff on results in your being rendered blind. Everything is pitch black, including the exit door you normally can see. Even blocks placed while inside will not be visible until the Nightvision buff is removed. (This was tested with the version of the buff given by the MachineMuse Powersuit Helmet modification.) Error Messages: N/A Error Log: N/A
  11. This appears to have resolved the issue with no additional side-effects, thank you!
  12. Title: [Tekkit Lite 0.6.0] Whole chunks of the map 'reverting' back to initial map creation states. Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows Vista 32-bit Java Version: 7 Update 15 Description of Problem: Entire segments of an SSP map I imported into 0.6.0 have now been reverted back to their initial map generation states. Any terraforming or landscaping I have done has been reverse. Buildings and structures, vanished... all the way down to the bedrock and all the way up to the sky. 3/4 of my headquarters structure is now gone, with the landscaping changes I initially made during construction having b
  13. This effect is now extending into the "older" sections of the game world that previously existed before updating to 0.6.0. Long smooth-sided ravines now exist in several parts of the overworld and nether. it should be noted that this is NOT just a chunk (or strip of chunks) that are not rendering. This actually causes would would be normally solid ground to disappear, allowing for someone to slowly fall down into the void beneath the world (as even the bedrock goes missing).
  14. Title: [Tekkit Lite 0.6.0] Long straight lines of the world just .. missing. Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows Vista 32-Bit Java Version: Version 7 Update 15 Description of Problem: Large gaps roughly 20 to 30 blocks wide are just missing. Everything in them is gone, no blocks no trees, not even even bedrock. It is just air all the way down.. straight into the inky void. If you try to cross this area at or under where the terrain would 'normally be', then your movement is slowed down to an extreme crawl as if falling through a cobweb. I have witnessed this in newly rendered chunks of a prev
  15. 0.6.0 Is crashing out my client when I try to load in a world. Where should I send the crash information?
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