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  1. Hey Im trying to spice up my server a little so i decided i'd add a little fun to my server. Im looking to try to add a Heads Plugin to increase interest in pvp. affar as i have searched i can't find one that works with tekkit. if anyone knows how to get one to work with tekkit or has made one for tekkit please comment and help out a little it would be awesome. also if there are any other plugins you know of that could spice up a server a little please let me know. please try to keep it to light weight plugins.
  2. it didn't work. another thing idk know if this will help but when i get this lag spike it also keeps going when i leave game and go to the home screen the beack ground usually moves smoothly but after the lag spike its really choppy.
  3. Hey Im having lag attacks about 30 min or later into playing every time i play tekkit. ill be playing no lag at all and all of a sudden boom i have such bad lag i can barely move. I am very bad at troubleshooting so please help with high description help tyvm for reading.
  4. Hey my name is shawn im new to the server. i just started playing tekkit today. but i have played minecraft for about 3 years. i am a 16 year old so i dont have infinite time to play but i play a lot. i hope to have lots of fun on the server and look forward to meeting you all in game
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