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    Lord I saw this comming -_-
  2. You shouldn't have to open it at all.... just download the zip,place it in the texture folder "walaaa".
  3. To be truthfully didn't see or blatantly didn't pay any attention to those lmao. Well I find that pretty interesting . How by chance is Technic's Installer shitty, when it compiles multiple amazing mod packs into one location, each with their own complexity. Low blows unneeded i haven't seen any problems with ID conflictions makes me only question how did a group of pompous asses manage to get their 1.2.5 with the same Mods, out before Technic?
  4. I love my Technic, but the same time I cant help nod my head to some of the improvements that the DNS Techpack team has added. I can say it is a interested alternative to Technic at least till a more stable Technic 1.2.5 comes out. LINK: http://dnstechpack.weebly.com/index.html
  5. What do we say to the god of death....Not today my friend..Not today.

  6. Erus did you adjust the block ids yourself?
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