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  1. Hello, I downloaded the server files and started it. But Im having a weird problem, where I dont know what to do. Usually it works, but when I start the server it tells me some weird things and pauses. Does anyone know, what to do? Thank you! Picture:
  2. Hello, I have some questions about adding a mod in TekkitClassic. I like Tekkit the way it is, but I always wanted to add the mod Mo'Creatures there, because Im missing this. I watched the video and I think I know how it works. But just one question. For that mod I need to add another mod (GuiAPI) into the minecraft.jar. It wasnt explained how to do this in the vid and I tried to do it like: Adding the mod into a zip and rename it minecraft.jar, put it into another folder named "bin" and then zip it up, upload it and add it into the launcher. I dont know if thats the correct way to make
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