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  1. hi i posted about looking for people to start a youtube with just not sure you saw or not but i am 17 and have the requested software available

  2. hey im mike and im 14. im interested in joining ur tekkit server. add me on skype tacossuck101

  3. Okay the cap is gonna have to be 16. Just to let you know I don't allow profanity in my videos or series.
  4. Hi I am looking for any Tekkit Youtubers who would like to start a series with my friend and I. I host the server that we use to make videos. It does require Hamachi which isn't that hard to install or use. So in order to have a part in this you must have the required (FREE) programs. Technic Launcher (Tekkit Classic), Skype, and LogmeInHamachi. Technic Launcher : Skype : LogMeInHamachi : Then once you have installed all the programs and have a user for each of them please write them below, include your Youtube Channel ,and age. I will then privately message you telling my Skype, Network and Password, and Server IP. You don't need a Youtube Channel, you can just join to have some fun and be on Youtube. Okay, thank you for taking the time to read my thread. Please Join! The server has NO banned items and almost never lags. We only play on Survival Mode.
  5. Okay awesome! I will add you tommorrow, Hamachi or LogmeinHamachi is a program that creates additional networks. This is the best alternative to portforwarding out there.
  6. hey looking for 1-3 more players to join my small tekkit server check out my topic thread
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone would like to join a small server that my friend and I made together. It is all Tekkit Classic with no banned items and is pure survival. We also use Skype to talk and message each other. I don't want random people getting on and starting a war and nuking it so I made it using a Hamachi network. I will give the network info through private messaging. If you wanna join, this is no PVP annd no Griefing of any kind server. You do either and it is a ban forever. Age restrictions are 13-15. So if you want to join this is what I want you to post. Username in Tekkit: Age: Programs (Skype): Additional information: