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  1. Yea, I tried the reactor I saw in the steps and it looks much nicer, it just doesn't work. I said I'd upload the save file and such, but that'll have to wait. My dog died this morning and it looks like she was poisoned by someone intentionally. Rather depressed about it so I haven't gotten around to building my previous reactor designs and uploading them all. I will eventually. Just, not likely today, or tomorrow. :/ Do you know if fluiducts were fixed with steam in 1.2.3? I can see them currently filled with steam, but it won't turn the turbines at all.
  2. Tekkit 1.2.2, I locked the game version so it wouldn't update anymore. I used "the latest" not "the recommended" when I downloaded this a few days ago. I just followed this exactly; Atomic science power generation. Tips and tricks. (Post 11) and it still isn't working. I will upload my entire save file with several of my reactor setups. If there isn't another reply here by the time I get this uploaded and set up, I'll post again with my save. My net is extremely severe during the day, high packetloss due to someone running equipment on the same frequency as my dish and refusing to change their channel. I do love the method in that post though, with all the pictures. It looks much nicer, if only it worked. I refuse to use pipes, it must be liquiducts so if they don't actually work, then I won't be able to use that method.
  3. Yea, half the page down and hidden inside text, so I didn't notice it when scrolling down. Sorry. That's still a very large amount of text, I did much better setting up a fusion reactor system with the video I watched. It seems though that fusion reactors are broken so even if I did read this text tutorial, it would be pointless. They slightly kinda sorta work here and there. As you can see from my previous post with links and such. I will go ahead and try the setup mentioned there with all the images though, it will take a while so I won't reply till later, possibly till tomorrow.
  4. 1 & 2, I don't remember exactly where, but I do remember something saying liquiducts and pipes were supposed to be able to transfer steam, but they don't. If it's a bug then fine, but even so pipes barely transport that steam too. Not enough to even turn one small turbine 2 blocks up. Some of my turbines turned when routed with pipes, but very very super slowly compared to directly above the water, and some didn't turn at all. - So, where exactly are these pictures you speak of? - The video on this page shows how to build a fusion reactor, I followed everything exactly and only 5 large turbines actually turn on, others slightly spin or don't spin at all. It does not provide enough power to run a super tiny AE network, it produces less power than 72 solar panels. I've been trying many different designs as well, none of them worked out any better, some even failed completely. My design work has shown me that the fusion reactor has a range of about 8 blocks, and is totally random so it doesn't always have that range which makes it inefficient for running a system if it's only randomly heating some water. The only sure thing is that it'll heat the water 1 to 2 blocks away from it's self, the rest are random. I'm still doing some tests here and there but I've found a lot of things wrong with it that make it terrible for providing power when you could do a more stable system with less work. Fission reactors explode after a while unless you get a control rod and such, and then you need to manually do the fuel for them which takes away automation. Solar arrays are nice, though they take up a lot of space as they should. I use Heavy Aluminium Wire for it all, since it's the only wire in the game it seems, and has no range limit from the info I see. This seems to be the absolute best system there is as it's totally automated and self running. -------------------------------- After having fiddled around with the design for a while, I think it's bugged. I will provide some screenshots though and some info on my test of the Fusion Reactor. I will also provide a spreadsheet for tile placements. , , 3.png shows power levels of each turbine after checking every so often. Text is in the image but I'll say again here. Red = no spin, orange = slow, yellow = semi fast, green = fast, purple = max. Speaking of fans, my laptop fan just stopped for a second. Hah. I'll post this now and edit in additional information, just in case my laptop is about to fail. Don't want to lose this typed stuff so far. First strike shows what the turbines were at after 2 minutes of being powered on, the reactor maxed out with Deuterium Cells. I started it with half a battery, that's 2500kJ. Second strike is 7 minutes later than that. Third strike is 20 minutes after that. After I cut the cables to collect the power, I had a total of 5521.93kJ in power. Started with half a battery and about half an hour later it filled one battery and about half a percent of another battery. Spreadsheet of setup: I've tried many other designs, maybe I can put them all in the spreadsheet but it appears this system is semi functional at the time and you can't really automate it. New design screenshot; Purple circle indicates that the turbines went to maximum speed after about an hour, for about several minutes or so, filling 33 energy storage devices. The big red circles with the large red lightning indicate that turbine has not turned on at all, not even in the slightest. The other colors are the same for the previous one.
  5. No I meant that things aren't documented very well because I go to the mod sites or wikis and find that they don't mention a lot of information. Like when I tried to find the min/max that turbines produce (from spinning slowly to spinning max speed) and it didn't even say anything remotely related to how much power it produces. I don't like the idea of making my own mod pack because then I have the extremely difficult task of managing the entire thing on my own while I don't know java and won't be able to fix any of the issues myself, having items conflicting with each other and such. I mean the previous versions of this tekkit were amazing, except for the fact that there was a huge lack of updates causing bugs to just stay. I mean the guy who made biofuel reactors said his mod had already fixed all of the bugs I was talking to him about, but the author of the mod pack was being to slow to update. Now that the pack finally got an update, he removed half the decent things and for some reason some moron renamed all pipes and such from liquid to fluid. An absolutely useless change that just makes it harder to find stuff for a while. Distribution pipes are now gone, same with some modules in the power suit such as mob repulser and lead blower, power suit appears to be broken because none of the power generation devices on it generate power anymore. (I've already made sure all my modules are off) I mean if you plan to change things, aren't you supposed to change things for the better? Not for the worse. And if it's a change, shouldn't you be calling it a new mod name like Tekkit 2.0? And then just update the older one till all the bugs or most of the bugs are gone. One thing I don't get is, why is antimatter even in this mod pack, if it can't be used in anything at all other than to crash and totally utterly destroy the entire map 100%? ----------------- Someone said you can use pipes to channel steam, but that doesn't appear to work at all. I had to get a tank full of steam then have 4 steam engines pump all that steam into 4 different pipes at once into all 4 corners of a large turbine just to make it spin. One pipe line above boiling water doesn't even spin a single small turbine except maybe half an inch every minute. Those giant square steam funnels don't work at all, fluiducts (You know, liquiducts before some idiot renamed them) don't work at all (which is my preferred method of transferring liquids), and it cuts the production by 99/100ths, if a single turbine directly over boiling water spins rapidly, why does it not spin but half an inch a minute with a pipe 2 blocks tall over boiling water? I've tried these systems out extensively and it's really hard to find precise information on the mods and when I started working with the Fulmination Generator, I found out that the absolute only explosive in the game that you can use in it, causes the map to become corrupted and totally destroys everything making it a totally useless addition at this current time, especially considering that you can't craft anything else with the antimatter. I guess I have to stick with biofuel because it's the only power source in the game that doesn't require a super complex mega ultra system, and is the only one that can be 100% fully automated. Unless you like make a binary fusion system and remove one side from being functional on both, then it might be possible to automate that in some way. I would definitely like my own mod pack, but I do not have the skill to create one. Even with a tutorial thing that tells you how to put one together, that tutorial doesn't tell you how to deal with bugs that occur because of 2 packs conflicting and these are things you have to fix yourself, the owners of the mods likely won't help you other than say "remove the other guy's mod". A long while back when Minecraft was still pretty new and bukkit was a huge thing, I used to run a minecraft server and it was insane trying to manage my server with all of the plugins I had to keep updating all the time. I made sure to update once a month unless a critical bug was fixed, but it was still insane at times especially when mod authors tend to abandon their projects later on (xcraftgate being the best world to world and teleportation system there was at that time) so I really don't want the stress of that all over again. I'm on this version of tekkit simply because it's the only one with Galacticraft up to date with Mars.
  6. There's this Fulmination Generator, but it seems useless because there are no explosives in the game, and antimatter crashes the game completely and corrupts your game files. I'd have liked it if it was an actual working mod. Pfft. Apparently the stuff you make with Antimatter can't even be made because none of it exists in the mod, so antimatter seems to be totally utterly useless right now. The power sources in this game seem like they are nerfed to always require vast massive super systems in order to prevent you from having automated compact systems to power large devices. :/
  7. I may end up leaving tekkit anyway if I find something better, I found that in this version of Tekkit, a lot of my fav things are gone which kind of annoy me. Seems a lot of good things always end up getting deleted from Minecraft in some way. I don't know if I'll look at that guide, it's way way way to much text. Video and images are much better.
  8. I was trying out Tekkit again after being gone for a long time and it seems the fusion reactors kinda suck. I need lots of power to power large AE systems with many disks. For example, 50 disk drives all full of 64k disks (that's 10 each drive). So far the only thing I can find that can do this, is biofuel. units/t = AE Power, mj/t = Buildcraft power, eu/t = IC2 Power, kj/t = UE power ME Controller takes 6 units/t, 1.2mj/t, 3eu/t, or 1.2kj/t ME Disk Drive takes 2 units/t, 0.4mj/t, 1eu/t, or 0.4kj/t ME 64k Storage takes 2 units/t, 0.4mj/t, 1eu/t, or 0.4kj/t 1 ME Controller, 50 ME Disk Drives, 500 ME 64k Storages takes; 1106 units /t, 221.2mj /t, 553eu /t, 221.2kj /t shows a reactor design that produces 0.06 mega joules a tick. Assuming 1000kj is 1mj, that means 60kj/t right? I'm trying to figure out what each of the power methods produces but some of it isn't very well documented. The turbines are what produce the power for theAtomic Science (UE) system, but it doesn't tell you how much power each turbine produces. Biofuel Generator produces 16mj/t in Buildcraft power which has always produced the best amount of power with the least amount of work in the past for me. I am using a solar farm as well with Galacticraft's Advanced Solar panels which work really well but only work during the day. They actually work better than the fusion power system I set up, it's barely working at all. Likely to glitchy to work. What other power systems are there that can be made self sufficient?
  9. This isn't going to work, I already tried before with multiple music locations but it always plays at the first location that gets the command or the last location that gets the command even if it's a single tick apart. When I tried, it played music at the jukebox on the opposite end of the ship from where I was standing when I hit the button.
  10. both still only have the same range, I want to fill the ship with sound, not just have one localized point far away from everything.
  11. Computer craft jukeboxes? is the one I use.
  12. I'm trying to find out if there are ways to spread music out more so that it can be heard from greater distances.
  13. If I play music from one jukebox, the sound fades after a distance. I wanted to set 6 to 8 jukebox locations around my ship and have them all play the same thing at the same time, using a computer to time delay everything correctly. When I tried this, only one of the jukeboxes activated, the rest stayed inactive. Is it possible to make music play from multiple locations to spread the sound around?
  14. Is there an estimate on when a recommended build may be released for those still stuck on 1.0.6? Every bug I've ever gone to the authors about is already fixed and some of the bugs are preventing any further progress on 6 of our current projects. This isn't a "work faster" post, it's just a question so I know an estimated time of when a build will be released that's functional enough to run as a server. I'd be fine with a dev build if it didn't have any catostrphic issues that would destroy worlds and corrupt server files or cause the server to need to be stopped multiple times for any reason. I got a turtle project that I keep trying to run that will take 55.67 hours and it can't survive reboot.
  15. Old problem, my previous server had a location in which if the chunk was loaded anywhere near me, (AKA if I was within 10 chunks of it), would cause my client to stop receiving data from the server, and take 4 megs a minute, and end my client in overflow. Basically when I placed a block or mined a block, it wouldn't show up as done, until I came back after a disconnect. This area cost me 2 gigs in less than a few hours. The errors were all "disconnect.overflow" and there were no additional errors. Even deleting the entire region did nothing. Deleting the region from the files I mean, it reverted it to as if I just found it for the first time. I don't believe anyone else had issues with this area. What would cause something like that? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My new problem, or my friend's problem. He walks into an area of mine, where I mined down to bedrock level in exactly 8x8 chunks, there was nothing at all but air in this 8x8 chunk area (other than level 1 bedrock) and he has issues where his client freezes in it and has lag issues or something. There's no falling water, no random things running here, it's just all air. I built Bedrock walls around the edges of this 8x8 chunk hole up to about height 70, covered level 2 in 100% solid quartz blocks. Built a trap and a machine or 2 (pistons, light sensor, command blocks) and he still has the same issue though it was only after I fired my gauntlet's plasma weapon or whatever it's called. The blue ball shooter. He keeps telling me that it's only this area that causes his client to "freeze". I'm not sure if his client goes into apphang, or if the game stops accepting commands or what. He left without giving me any answers so I am unsure. What would cause this with his client and his client alone? Just a note, he even reinstalled his operating system (due to a graphic malfunction previously) so he had to download and install a new copy of tekkit, I believe he did this twice due to a bad install at first. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is anyone able to come walk around in this area he says is bugged and tell me if they have the same issue so I can find out if it's the server, or his client? Can something be server-side only that effects only one single person? Here are 2 screenshots of my area: