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  1. Minecraft IGN: lacrossemaniac Age:15 Gender:m Location:VA - USA Why do you want to play on T4?: I love the new Tekkit and I want to play on a reliable server that is lag free for the most part. I also enjoy smaller servers compared to large servers where no one really gets know each other. Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: I have been playing minecraft for almost three years and I started playing Tekkit Classic one year ago. I started playing Tekkit Main a few weeks ago and have enjoyed more than Tekkit Classic. I have played on a couple other small Tekkit Main, but they have sadly shut down.
  2. Minecraft ID:Lacrossemaniac Age: 15 What you like to Build: I like to build bases filled with all the different types of machines from the assorted mods 4 Words that Describe you: Tenacious, Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Responsible Anything Extra: Does Himachi work on mac?
  3. IGN: Lacrossemaniac Age: 15 Why Gearz?: It looked like the best server out there, and I am tired of non-whitelist servers that have horrible connection. What do you want to build on the server?: A modest base that I can test all new mods in.
  4. Minecraft Username: Lacrossemaniac Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: i have never been banned What do you plan to do on the server: Exploring Tekkit further, Making new friends, and having fun What is your previous experience with tekkit: I got tekkit a year ago but never really understood it, but a few months ago i started playing it again and im addicted. In the good way